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Sabiki Rig

Use: Bait your hook to improve your catch. When you catch candlefish you will catch 6 at a time, only 1 of which will count towards your contest score.

In addition, when you catch Illuminated or sickly marimo you will catch 3 at a time. Marimo do not count towards the fishing contest.

The effect of this lure will last 12 minutes.

Originally developed in the far eastern island nation of Kozakura to catch ocean baitfish, the sabiki has since become popular elsewhere, even as far as Twilight Tor where discerning anglers discovered its efficiency for catching the diminutive candlefish.

An efficiency so notable in fact that fishing contest organizers nearly banned the use of the rig, eventually settling on tallying a rig's worth of candlefish as a single catch.

No Level Requirement
Silver4 Copper42