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Location of Miles Brome in Protector's Enclave

A Reward Claims Agent allows the claiming of various previously earned, purchased, and promotional items. In many cases this can include those previously lost or deleted. Some items, particular Packs can only be claimed once per account (though in that case if multiple such items are earned you can claim the item that number of times). A non-consumable item such as the [Pale Horse] or [Starred Eyepatch] can be claimed multiple times separately on every character, or even again on the same character as long as it does not currently have one in its inventory or bank.

This NPC type was at one time known as the Founders Agent.[1]

Reward Claims Agents[edit | edit source]

Agent Menu Listing[edit | edit source]

- Not all items will be visible to all accounts / characters
- Items with "Special" pricing can only be drawn if you don't already have one.
- Items with "0 Available" pricing can only be drawn however many times you have "earned" them.


Name Pricing
[Hero of the North Founder's Supplies] Special
[Neverwinter's Guardian Founder's Supplies] Special
[Knight of the Feywild Supplies] Special
[Hunter Ranger Booster Pack] Special
[First Time Buyer's Pack] Special


Name Pricing
[Embroidered Bag of Holding] 0 Available
[Greater Bag of Holding] 0 Available
[Amulet of Protection] 0 Available
[Adventurer's Helper Pack] 0 Available
[Offensive Potion Pack] 0 Available
[Defensive Potion Pack] 0 Available
[Endurance Potion Pack] 0 Available
[Neverwinter Vanguard Pack] 0 Available
[Caer-Konig Supply Pack] 0 Available
[Embroidered Elven Silk Bag] 0 Available
[Feywild Hunter's Ring] 0 Available
[Portal Hound] 0 Available


Name Pricing
[Pale Horse] Special
[Stormraider Horse] Special
[Tricorn Captain's Hat] Special
[Laced Mask] Special
[Sun Mask] Special
[Ivy Mask] Special
[Tooth and Hide Mask] Special
[Starred Eyepatch] Special
[Lion Mask] Special
[Archmage's Apprentice] Special
[Faithful Initiate] Special
[Storm Rider] Special
[Rebel Mercenary] Special
[Mystagogue] Special
[Renegade Illusionist] Special
[Maze Engine Explorer Pack] Special


Name Pricing
[Delzoun Treasure Box] Special
[Graycloak's Legacy] Special
[Robes of Useless Items] Special
[Heavy Giant Spider] Special
[Medium Adventurer's Horse] Special
[Panther] Special
[Vicious Dire Wolf] Special
[Embroidered Bag of Holding] Special
[Founder's Glorious Enchantment] Special
[Gilded Moonstone Regalia] Special
[Gilded Moonstone Regalia Mask] Special
[Dust of Creation] Special
[Gond's Endless Coffer of Pyrotechnics] Special
[Lliira's Everlasting Bottle of Levity] Special
[Ring of Violet Luminescence] Special
[Graycloak's Insignia] Special
[Brilliant Energy Enchantment] Special
[Dawn Unicorn] Special
[Sylph] Special
[Loamweave Enchantment] Special
[Stone of Earth] Special
[Moonsilver Regalia] Special
[Hunting Hawk] Special
[Bow of the Wild] Special
[Hatchets of the Wild] Special
[Hood of the Wild] Special
[Cloak of the Wild] Special
[Damaran Shepherd] Special

Level 60

Name Pricing
[Sigil of the Great Weapon] Special
[Sigil of the Devoted] Special
[Sigil of the Guardian] Special
[Sigil of the Hunter] Special
[Sigil of the Trickster] Special
[Sigil of the Controller] Special

References[edit | edit source]