Reliquary Wax

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Reliquary Wax
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: uncategorized
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Quality: Epic
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Sell value: Silver75
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Crafting Resource Relic Reliquarywax.png


Reliquary Wax

A reagent required in relic restoration.

This high-quality wax is often prepared by master weaponsmiths to coat display arms. No wax is so highly regarded for the preservation of metals, antique or otherwise.

Found in:

Professions - Weaponsmithing

No Level Requirement

Weaponsmithing Tasks[edit | edit source]

Level Req. Rarity Icon Name Requires / Consumes Opt. Asset Time Produces (Tier 1-3) Prof. XP Profession XP Prof. XP per Hour
Crafting Resource Relic Reliquarywax.png Reliquary Wax Requires:Consumes: 3x Person or Tool 5m Tier 1:Tier 2:Tier 3: Profession XP1,200 14,400