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Redcap Sickle

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Redcap Sickle
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Equipment
Tag: Blade
Main Hand Only
Free Appearance Change
Binding: Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup
Quality: Rare
Requires class: Trickster Rogue
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Requires level: 61
Item level: 345
615-751 Damage
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Sell value: Silver34 Copper18
Refinement point: Refinement Points3
Buy cost: Gold Crescent50
Inventory Primary Redcap Dagger 01.png

The Redcap Sickle can be bought from the Sharandar Campaign Store.

Tooltip[edit source]

Redcap Sickle
Item Level: 345
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

615-751 Damage

Equip: +1,601 Power
Equip: +435 Critical Strike
Equip: +348 Deflection
Equip: +522 Life Steal

Offense Slot: No Enchantment
Weapon Enhancement Slot: No Enchantment

This is a rare and exotic magical item whose powers increase as your character advances.

Blade, Main Hand Only, Free Appearance Change, Weapon
Requires Class: Trickster Rogue
Requires Level: 61
Silver34 Copper18
Refinement Points3

Redcap Gear

Icon Name Collection Score Acquisition
Inventory Primary Redcap Dagger 01.png
[Redcap Sickle] Collection Score 2 New Sharandar Store
Inventory Head Redcap 01.png
[Redcap Blood Cap] Collection Score 2 The Master of the Hunt (Skirmish)
Inventory Secondary Redcap Dagger 01.png
[Redcap Parrying Sickle] Collection Score 2 Gnarlroot Caves
Inventory Body Redcap 01.png
[Redcap Tunic] Collection Score 2 The Witch Fen
Name MHP Pw CS Rc AP Ds Dl Rg LS Mv Total
Redcap Sickle 1,601 435 348 522 2,906
Redcap Blood Cap 239 239 207 198 883
Redcap Parrying Sickle 644 140 210 175 1,169
Redcap Tunic 371 371 202 308 1,252