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Ray of Enfeeblement (CW)/Tooltip

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Ray of Enfeeblement
80' range
18s cooldown
Arcane Damage

Deal damage over time to target enemy, decrease target's damage dealt by 10% and increase target's damage taken by 10% for 8 secconds.

Spell Mastery: Doubles the effectiveness of the damage dealt and damage taken debuffs applied to the enemy.

Arcane Mastery increases the effectiveness of these debuffs by 1% per stack, this bonus is not doubled for Spell Mastery.

Rank 2
Damage: 10%
Debuff: +2.5%

Rank 3

Damage: 10%
Debuff: +2.5%

Rank 4

Damage: 10%
Debuff: +2.5%