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Races in Faerûn

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This information on this page is Forgotten Realms lore that may not be part of the game.
While Neverwinter is set within Forgotten Realms, much or all of the content below does not appear in the game.

List of all Playable Races[edit | edit source]

Races available in forgotten realms

Common Races of Forgotten Realms:
Drow, dragonborn, dwarves, eladrin, elves, genasi, half-elves, half-lings, humans and tieflings
  • These are the common classes you can find in most cities in forgotten realms.

Rare races, supporting cast of forgotten realms:
Gnomes, goblins, lycanthropes and shifters, half-Orcs and orcs, devas, goliaths and shade.
  • These races are very rare in the realms and you may not encounter them in most adventuring parties.

Rest of the races like kobolds, bugbears, bladelings etc. are rarest of rare as a player character.

Evil and Free Surface Drow

Some free drow find these ingrained bigotries hard to overcome. Each drow who escapes the Underdark must come to terms with what he or she has been taught and what he or she sees in the world around. Those who succeed can lead more or less normal lives, while those who fail must endure a miserable existence, trapped between two worlds and finding no haven in either.
  • So usually all surface dweller drow in 4e are free of lolth and their being evil is completely independent of their background with lolth.

Dragonborn Dragonborn are a new race in Faerûn and the result of "Returned Abeir". They are a race with its origin hotly debated. Either they were created by gods as an inferior race to Dragons to serve them, or they were created independently of the creation of the dragon. Whatever be the origin be, they are a separate race in itself.

Tieflings Tieflings are descendents od nobles of Human Empire Bael Turath who made an infernal pact with devil during bloodmoon ceremony. They are thus human with an infernal taint in their bloodlines.

Half-Orcs As orcs of Many-arrow tribe have occupied the tower district area, orcs and half orcs are not uncommon in Neverwinter. It is said that if the schemes of Netherese are laid bare to the orcs of many-arrow tribe, they will perhaps turn on them and leave the Neverwinter in peace.