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Platinum Gauntlet/Tooltip

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Platinum Gauntlet
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

An enchanted gauntlet used to draw treasures from the Arcane Coffers in the Lairs of the Dread Ring. This item vanishes when you pull treasures from an Arcane Coffer.

The Platinum Gauntlet can retrieve 1 of the following:
1 [Mark of Potency]
1 [Lesser Mark of Potency]
1 [Power Stone]
1 [Stability Stone]
1 [Union Stone]
1 [Lesser Power Stone]
1 [Lesser Stability Stone]
1 [Lesser Union Stone]
1 Rank 5 Enchantment
2 Rank 5 Enchantments

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell