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Patch Notes

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The Neverwinter game client and servers are updated regularly. Although some updates are hotfixes, most updates require a couple hours of server downtime. Patch Notes are typically released during this downtime. Updates that introduce significant new content are called modules.

NW.1[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2013-04-25 NW.1.20130416a.9 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-04-26 NW.1.20130416a.11 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-04-29 NW.1.20130416a.12 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-05-01 NW.1.20130416a.13 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-05-01 NW.1.20130416a.14 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-05-02 NW.1.20130416a.15 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-05-07 NW.1.20130416a.16 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-05-09 NW.1.20130416a.19 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-05-11 NW.1.20130416a.21 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-05-14 NW.1.20130416a.22 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-05-15 NW.1.20130416a.23 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-05-17 NW.1.20130416a.26 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-05-21 NW.1.20130416a.30 [News] [Forum Thread] [Caturday Survivor's Pack]
2013-05-23 NW.1.20130416a.33 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-05-24 NW.1.20130416a.34-39 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-05-27 NW.1.20130416a.41 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-05-30 NW.1.20130416a.42 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-06-04 NW.1.20130416a.45 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-06-07 NW.1.20130416a.47 [News] [Forum Thread]

NW.3[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2013-06-13 NW.3.20130529d.6 [News] [Forum Thread] free respec
2013-06-18 NW.3.20130529z.14 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-06-19 NW.3.20130529z.17 [News] [Forum Thread] Alchemy, Gauntlgrym
2013-06-21 NW.3.20130529z.18 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-06-27 NW.3.20130529g.25 [Forum Thread]
2013-06-28 NW.3.20130529g.27 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-07-03 NW.3.20130529g.33 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-07-11 NW.3.20130529g.36 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-07-18 NW.3.20130701a.5 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-07-24 NW.3.20130701a.9 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-08-01 NW.3.20130723a.2 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-08-09 NW.3.20130723a.11 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-08-14 NW.3.20130723a.16 [News] [Forum Thread]

NW.5 Fury of the Feywild[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2013-08-22 NW.5.20130812b.8 [News] [Forum Thread] Fury of the Feywild, Drow, Moon Elf, Artificing, Weaponsmithing, free respec
2013-08-22 NW.5.20130812b.9 [News] Sun Elf
2013-08-26 NW.5.20130812b.13 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-08-29 NW.5.20130812b.19 [News] [Forum Thread] Midsummer Festival
2013-09-05 NW.5.20130828.4 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-09-12 NW.5.20130828.7 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-09-18 NW.5.20130911a.5 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-09-26 NW.5.20130911a.8 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-10-03 NW.5.20130923b.6 [News] [Forum Thread] Call to Arms: Straight to Helm, [Dark Forest Lockbox]
2013-10-03 NW.5.20130923b.7 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-10-08 NW.5.20130923b.9 [News] [Forum Thread] Shard merge
2013-10-17 NW.5.20131009a.6 [News] [Forum Thread] Coins of Waukeen
2013-10-29 NW.5.20131021a.3 [News] [Forum Thread] Masquerade of Liars
2013-11-07 NW.5.20131021a.5 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-11-14 NW.5.20131111a.2 [News] [Forum Thread] Call to Arms: Pit Fight
2013-11-14 NW.5.20131111a.3 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-11-21 NW.5.20131111a.4 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-12-03 NW.5.20131111a.5 No Patch Notes

NW.10 Shadowmantle[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2013-12-05 NW.10.20131120a.14 [News] [Forum Thread] Module 2: Shadowmantle, free respec
2013-12-05 NW.10.20131120a.15 [News] [Forum Thread] fix for free respecs
2013-12-12 NW.10.20131120z.19 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-12-12 NW.10.20131120z.20 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-12-19 NW.10.20131211a.7 [News] [Forum Thread] Winter Festival, Sword Coast Adventures
2013-12-19 NW.10.20131211a.8 [News] [Forum Thread]
2013-12-20 NW.10.20131211a.9 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-01-02 NW.10.20131211a.10 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-01-09 NW.10.20131211a.12 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-01-15 NW.10.20140107a.8 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-01-23 NW.10.20140113a.4 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-01-24 NW.10.20140113a.7 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-02-06 NW.10.20140128a.4 [News] [Forum Thread] Challenge of the Gods
2014-02-13 NW.10.20140128a.9 [News] [Forum Thread] [Unearthed Lockbox]
2014-02-20 NW.10.20140211a.5 [News] [Forum Thread]

NW.14[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2014-03-06 NW.14.20140224a.7 [News] [Forum Thread] PvP update, second Tymora's Gift
2014-03-06 NW.14.20140224a.9 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-03-13 NW.14.20140224a.11 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-03-20 NW.14.20140310a.2 [News] [Forum Thread] Call to Arms: Defend the Temple
2014-03-27 NW.14.20140320a.4 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-04-01 NW.14.20140320a.7 [News] [Forum Thread] Respen's Marvelous Game
2014-04-24 NW.14.20140320a.13 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-05-01 NW.14.20140320a.16 [News] [Forum Thread]

NW.15 Curse of Icewind Dale[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2014-05-13 NW.15.20140415a.17 [News] [Forum Thread] Curse of Icewind Dale
2014-05-13 NW.15.20140415a.18 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-05-15 NW.15.20140415a.20 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-05-15 NW.15.20140415a.22 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-05-15 NW.15.20140506a.4 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-05-29 NW.15.20140520a.5 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-06-05 NW.15.20140528a.5 [News] [Forum Thread] Call to Arms: Garrundar the Vile
2014-06-06 NW.15.20140528a.6 [Forum Thread]
2014-06-06 NW.15.20140528a.9 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-06-19 NW.15.20140610a.4 [News] [Forum Thread] Protector's Jubilee
2014-07-03 NW.15.20140623a.8 [News] [Forum Thread] Celebration of Lliira v2
2014-07-17 NW.15.20140707a.7 [News] [Forum Thread] Call to Arms: Gate Crashers & Alchemical Extravaganza
2014-07-24 NW.15.20140707a.11 [News]
2014-07-31 NW.15.20140707a.17 [Forum Thread] Wonders of Gond
2014-08-04 NW.15.20140707a.20 Exploit fix, no patch notes provided
2014-08-07 NW.15.20140707a.22 [Forum Thread]

NW.25 Tyranny of Dragons[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2014-08-14 NW.25.20140728a.11 [News] Tyranny of Dragons
2014-08-15 NW.25.20140728a.12 [News]
2014-08-21 NW.25.2014081a.4 [News] [Forum Thread] Summer Festival v2
2014-08-28 NW.25.20140820a.4 [News]
2014-09-04 NW.25.20140820a.7 [News] Astral Diamond Exchange reset
2014-09-11 NW.25.20140820a.13 [News]
2014-09-18 NW.25.20140909a.3 [News] [Forum Thread] Siege of Neverwinter
2014-09-19 NW.25.20140909a.5 [Forum Thread]
2014-10-02 NW.25.20140923a.5 [News] [Forum Thread] Challenge of the Gods v2
2014-10-03 NW.25.20140923a.8 [Forum Thread]
2014-10-16 NW.25.20141007a.3 [News] Call to Arms: Pit Fight v2
2014-10-21 NW.25.20141007a.4 [Forum Thread]
2014-10-23 NW.25.20141021a.1 [Forum Thread]
2014-10-30 NW.25.20141021a.4 no patch notes provided

NW.35 Rise of Tiamat[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2014-11-18 NW.35.20141104a.7 [News] [Forum Thread] Rise of Tiamat
2014-11-20 NW.35.20141104a.11 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-12-04 NW.35.20141125a.3 [Forum Thread]
2014-12-11 NW.35.20141125a.4 [News] [Forum Thread]
2014-12-18 NW.35.20141208a.4 [Forum Thread]
2014-12-22 NW.35.20141208a.5 [Forum Thread]
2015-01-15 NW.35.20150101g.7 [News] [Forum Thread] Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn
2015-01-16 NW.35.20150101g.8 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-01-29 NW.35.20150122b.3 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-02-12 NW.35.20150203a.5 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-02-19 NW.35.20150203a.7 no patch notes provided
2015-03-19 NW.35.20150203a.10 no patch notes provided

NW.45 Elemental Evil[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2015-04-07 NW.45.20150317a.5 [News] [Forum Thread] Elemental Evil, free respec
2015-04-09 NW.45.20150317a.6 [Forum Thread]
2015-04-16 NW.45.20150317a.8 [Forum Thread]
2015-04-23 NW.45.20150416c.4 [Forum Thread]
2015-04-30 NW.45.20150416c.6 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-05-06 NW.45.20150416c.8 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-05-15 NW.45.20150416c.11 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-05-28 NW.45.20150515a.1 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-05-28 NW.45.20150515a.3 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-06-11 NW.45.20150515a.6 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-06-18 NW.45.20150515a.9 [News]
2015-06-23 NW.45.20150515a.11 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-06-25 NW.45.20150618a.2 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-07-01 NW.45.20150618a.3 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-07-09 NW.45.20150618a.5 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-07-23 NW.45.20150618a.6 [News] [Forum Thread]

NW.50 Strongholds[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2015-08-11 NW.50.20150722a.10 [News] [Forum Thread] Strongholds, VIP Program, [Crushing Wave Lockbox]
2015-08-13 NW.50.20150722a.11 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-08-20 NW.50.20150722a.15 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-08-21 NW.50.20150722a.16 [News] [Forum Thread] Emergency maintenance
2015-08-27 NW.50.20150819a.1 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-09-03 NW.50.20150819a.4 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-09-15 NW.50.20150819a.2 [News] [Forum Thread] Stronghold Siege PvP, removed most Astral Diamonds gain from Leadership
2015-09-17 NW.50.20150902b.6 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-09-24 NW.50.20150902b.9 [News] [Forum Thread] [Superior Mark of Potency]
2015-10-01 NW.50.20150902b.13 [News] [Forum Thread] [Howling Hatred Lockbox]
2015-10-15 NW.50.20150902b.14 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-10-29 NW.50.20151022c.1 [News] [Forum Thread] Update Masquerade of Liars, Legendary Mounts 140% Movement
2015-11-05 NW.50.20151022c.9 [News] [Forum Thread]

NW.55 Underdark[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2015-11-17 NW.55.20151105a.2 [News] [Forum Thread] Underdark, [Glorious Resurgence Lockbox]
2015-11-25 NW.55.20151105a.5 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-12-03 NW.55.20151123a.3 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-12-10 NW.55.20151123a.4 [News] [Forum Thread]
2015-12-17 NW.55.20151206a.3 [News] [Forum Thread] Winter Festival v3, [Beacon of Simril]
2016-01-14 NW.55.20160106a.1 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-01-21 NW.55.20160106a.3 [News] [Forum Thread] [New Life Lockbox], Challenge of the Gods v3
2016-02-04 NW.55.20160125b.2 [News] [Forum Thread] Call to Arms: Gate Crashers v2.
2016-02-10 NW.55.20160125b.4 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-02-19 NW.55.20160125b.5 [News] [Forum Thread] [Update on the Trade Bar Store]

NW.60 The Maze Engine[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2016-03-15 NW.60.20160307a.4 [News] [Forum Thread] The Maze Engine, [Shaundakul Lockbox], Mount Powers
2016-03-17/18 NW.60.20160307a.6 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-03-24 NW.60.20160307a.10 [News] [Forum Thread] Wonders of Gond v4
2016-03-31 NW.60.20160307a.14 [News] [Forum Thread] Day of the Dungeonmaster, Portobello's Game
2016-04-07 NW.60.20160307a.15 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-04-14 NW.60.20160307a.18 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-04-21 NW.60.20160410a.3 [News] [Forum Thread] Power balance changes, Elemental Evil Campaign changes,
Lostmauth's Hoard Exchange, removed Rough Astral Diamonds from Leadership tasks
2016-04-28 NW.60.20160410a.4 [News] [Forum Thread] Removal of Refinement items from Skill nodes
2016-05-05 NW.60.20160410a.7 [News] [Forum Thread] Siege of Neverwinter v3
2016-05-12 NW.60.20160410a.8 [News] [Forum Thread]

NW.62 Guild Alliances[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2016-06-07 NW.62.20160523a.3 [News] [Forum Thread] Guild Alliances, [Firemane Lockbox], Sword Coast Chronicles Campaign, Benign Order of the Third Eye Campaign
2016-06-09 NW.62.20160523a.4 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-06-15 NW.62.20160523a.6 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-06-29 NW.62.20160613a.4 [News] [Forum Thread] Celebration of Lliira
2016-07-06 NW.62.20160613a.6 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-07-13 NW.62.20160613a.7 [News] [Forum Thread]

NW.65 Storm King's Thunder[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2016-08-15 NW.65.SKT [News] [Forum Thread] Storm King's Thunder Campaign, Fangbreaker Island, Invocation Revamp, Major Class Balance
2016-08-17 NW.65.20160801c.9 [News] [Forum Thread] Free respec for GF, HR, and SW
2016-08-24 NW.65.20160801c.13 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-08-31 NW.65.20160801c.18 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-09-07 NW.65.20160801c.21 [News] [Forum Thread] Solo Domination
2016-09-14 NW.65.20160906b.3 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-09-28 NW.65.20160906b.8 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-10-05 NW.65.20160906b.12 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-11-07 NW.70.20161025b.0 [News] [Forum Thread] Storm King's Thunder: Sea of Moving Ice
2016-11-16 NW.70.20161025a.9 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-11-21 NW.70.20161025b.11 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-12-07 NW.70.20161025a.15 [News] [Forum Thread]
2016-12-14 NW.70.20161025b.17 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-01-11 NW.70.20161205a.9 [News] N/A Dungeon Key Changes
2017-01-25 NW.70.20161205a.14 [News] [Forum Thread]

NW.75 The Cloaked Ascendancy[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2017-02-21 NW.75.20170206a.5 [News] [Forum Thread] The Cloaked Ascendancy
2017-03-02 NW.75.20170206a.6 [News] N/A System Requirement Update
2017-03-08 NW.70.20170206a.7 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-03-15 NW.75.20170306d.4 [News] [Forum Thread] DC Class Balance
2017-03-22 NW.75.20170306d.7 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-03-29 NW.75.20170306d.8 [News] [Forum Thread]

NW.80 The Shroud of Souls[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2017-05-02 NW.80.20170417a.3 [News] [Forum Thread] Mod 11 Expansion: Shroud of Souls
2017-05-03 NW.80.20170417a.5 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-05-05 NW.80.20170417a.7 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-05-11 NW.80.20170417a.8 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-05-17 NW.80.20170417a.12 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-05-24 NW.80.20170515e.3 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-05-31 NW.80.20170515e.5 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-06-07 NW.80.20170515e.7 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-06-14 NW.80.20170515e.10 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-06-21 NW.80.20170515e.13 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-07-06 NW.80.20170515e.16 [News] [Forum Thread]

NW.85 Tomb of Annihilation[edit | edit source]

Date Version News Forum Misc. Details
2017-07-24 NW.85.20170711b.5 [News] [Forum Thread] Tomb of Annihilation, Private PVP Queues, Debuff Changes
2017-08-02 NW.85.20170711b.9 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-08-09 NW.85.20170711b.10 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-08-16 NW.85.20170808a.3 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-08-23 NW.85.20170808a.7 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-09-12 NW.85.20170808a.8 [News] [Forum Thread] Console Version
2017-08-31 NW.85.20170808a.9 [News] N/A
2017-09-13 NW.85.20170808a.12 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-09-20 NW.85.20170808a.14 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-09-27 NW.85.20170808a.17 [News] [Forum Thread]
2017-10-10 NW.85.20170808a.17 [News] [Forum Thread] Console Version
2017-10-04 NW.85.20170808a.19 [News] [Forum Thread]

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