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Patch NW.75.20170306d.7

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Patch Notes: NW.75.20170306d.7

Content and Environment[edit | edit source]

River District

  • Certain voice-over audio for Kavatos has been corrected.

Skirmish: Illusionist's Gambit

  • The mimic swarm has been replaced by a goblin swarm, as unfortunately, the mimics had found a way to devour many players' framerate.


  • The frenzied cry of "Look out, a dracolich!" has been removed from the first cutscene after creating a new character.
  • Various missing voice-over audio for Knox and Hawthidon in the beginning of the game has been addressed.

Items and Economy[edit | edit source]

Reward Claims Agent

  • Several issues where players redeemed codes via the Arc website, but could not claim their items from the Reward Claims Agent, have been resolved. Please continue to let us know if you run into further issues!
  • The Hunter Ranger Booster Pack can once again properly be reclaimed from the Reward Claims Agent.

Performance and Stability[edit | edit source]


  • A client crash when logging out or being disconnected with the Powers or Feats window open has been addressed.
  • A map-wide crash issue has been addressed. (This was hotfixed, and is now properly in the build.)