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Patch Notes: NW.70.20161025b.11

Release Notes[edit | edit source]

Content and Environment[edit | edit source]

Sea of Moving Ice

  • Frigid Fishing: This quest now properly displays a quest path to the fishmonger.
  • Players may now access the travel map from the edges of the Sea of Moving Ice zone.
  • Players may now claim a new Ice Hunter's Khyek from the vessels behind Maluk if they lose their current khyek.
  • Players no longer get stuck in a state where they can only move forward if they enter water while casting a channelled power.
  • Recasting Alarm: This quest now properly completes when the third group of totems is selected.
  • Recasting Alarm: This quest now properly displays its objective, visual effects, and quest path.
  • Runestead: Treasure maps may no longer be found in the Runestead instance.
    • Dev Note: The Runestead fishing spot was primarily intended to be a place for collectors to catch types of fish exclusive to this area. Its emergent use for map farming was not intended.
  • Treasure chests and rune shards now properly have audio when interacted with.
  • When catching fish, the audio is now a little more distinct depending on the fish quality.


  • Blizzard audio no longer persists occasionally after the blizzard ends.
  • Celebratory audio can no longer be heard toward the entrance, before Storvald is defeated.
  • Manticores now properly play their roar audio more than once in the encounter.
  • Various other audio improvements have been made to this encounter.
  • Visual effects that show dangerous areas ("splats") now display more consistently in this encounter.


  • Fangbreaker Island: The final chest in Fangbreaker Island is now a little less chill, and properly reads as "epic" instead of "epice."
  • Stronghold: Elk Tribesmen no longer spawn as guards in the Stronghold.
  • The event calendar has been updated, and once again shows the upcoming events for the next few weeks.

Items and Economy[edit | edit source]


  • Rusted Lighttender's Holy Symbol now properly shows a faded icon.
  • Stronghold Overload Enchantments for Troll and Giant enemies now properly have icons.

User Interface[edit | edit source]


  • Players no longer receive as many Action Point Gain messages in the combat log while fishing.
    • Note: There are a few remaining occurrences that may be cut down further in future builds.


  • Players may no longer unexpectedly cause others to drop out of an in-progress queue under certain circumstances.