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Patch NW.70.20161025a.15

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Patch Notes: NW.70.20161025a.15

Release Notes[edit | edit source]

Content and Environment[edit | edit source]

Storm King's Thunder

  • Audio improvements have been made to various locations throughout various Storm King's Thunder content.
  • Lonelywood: Catti-brie remains visible in the wilderness until the player completes the Mielikki's Garden quest.
    • This should resolve cases where it is difficult or impossible to continue the quest thread if a certain quest is dropped.

Sea of Moving Ice

  • Breakfast of Champions: The Dragon Turtle that appears in this Heroic Encounter no longer cancels and switches its attacks partway through activation.
  • Casting Alarm: Scrolls are no longer attached to a player's weapon, resulting in Control Wizards reading scrolls pinned to their orb.
  • Ice Hunter Rescue: This Heroic Encounter no longer drops Black Ice enchantments.
  • The map and mini-map should no longer display graphical errors when panning and scrolling in this zone.
  • The Quest Path has been improved in certain locations throughout the zone.
  • Totems of Destruction: There are now significantly more Icehunter Totems available for this quest.
  • Various text and voice-over mismatches have been resolved.
  • When the Ancient Mariner heroic encounter is in progress, nearby regular encounters no longer spawn.
  • Xuna is now wearing proper attire to deal with the cold of Svardborg.


  • Enemies no longer leash when their target is killed by Permafrost.
  • Manticores now properly continue attacking players, rather than standing idle, after the second Call of Winter.
  • Master of Svardborg: This achievement no longer counts companion deaths against its completion.
  • Storvald now properly stops attacking if all players die during the Manticore phase.
  • The music in the first phase of the Storvald fight no longer silences unexpectedly.
  • Various objects in this trial no longer display incoming attack "splat" effects in inconsistent ways.


  • Caer-Konig: New characters created via Knox's Adventurer Recruitment Order now start at the proper side of Caer-Konig.
  • Whispering Caverns: Brain Damage: The brain canisters for this quest now properly spawn at level 60, rather than sometimes spawning at 70.

Combat and Powers[edit | edit source]

Classes and Balance

  • Oathbound Paladin
    • Absolution no longer resists Everfrost Damage.
    • Bane now properly builds Action Points.
    • Circle of Power now properly builds Action Points.

Sea of Moving Ice

  • Getting hit by the Dragon Turtle's steam cannon power no longer knocks players out of their khyek.

Svardborg and Fangbreaker Island

  • Permafrost, cast by both Drufi and Storvald, no longer allows players to cast certain powers normally usable while under control effects.


  • Untargetable enemies can no longer be hit by certain powers.

Items and Economy[edit | edit source]

Artifact Weapons

  • The new Hunter Ranger weapons can now have their appearance change.

Enchantments and Runestones

  • Frost Enchantment: This enchantment no longer provides more damage than expected when other buffs are active.


  • Alchemy: Players who are at a rank higher than 8 can no longer engage the Rank 8 version of the Alchemical Research task.
    • This caused players to get into states where they could no longer progress through the Alchemy profession.
    • We're looking into ways to allow players to get out of this broken state.


  • Certain Raw Astral Diamonds dungeon rewards no longer sometimes end up as a pack in the player's inventory.
  • Elixir of Life no longer incorrectly allows players to revive themselves.

User Interface[edit | edit source]

Auction House

  • The count of mail with attached items (e.g. expired auction lots) could previously get desynchronized with the actual number in players' mailboxes.
    • This issue has been addressed; players who had a low mail count, yet still couldn't post auction lots, should now be able to post.
  • The error message that appears when the mail limit is exceeded is now clearer about the cause.


  • Tyranny of Dragons: The "Learn More" button now properly sends the player to the right location.
  • Unspent Elemental Evil boon points now properly cause the UI to glow in the appropriate locations.


  • The "Last Online" message no longer infinitely grows when hovering over an offline guild member.

Items and Inventory

  • Set bonuses that include two of the same item now display the proper maximum item count.
  • The "+1" signifier on items in reward popups no longer appears, as it has no game effect.


  • A command to take attached items from mail can no longer be manually run.


  • Powers can no longer be swapped while on a khyek.


  • When filling a queue after a player has dropped, the queue now properly respects the Tank / Healer / DPS count requirements.
  • In queues with a player count greater than 5, the system now tries to distribute those of the same role across different 5-person parties.
    • For example, in a 2 tank, 2 healer, 6 DPS Demogorgon Trial, the queue system will try to assign one tank, one healer, and three damage dealers to each party.


  • Throne of the Dwarven Gods and Prophecy of Madness no longer display duplicates of the rewards they give.

Zen Market

  • Whenever a button appears in various parts of the UI to purchase something, but the player doesn't have enough Zen to purchase the item, it is no longer grayed out.
    • Instead, it allows the player to view the item that could be purchased, and then proceed to the "Buy Zen" flow if desired.

Localization[edit | edit source]


  • Various localization updates have been made to Sea of Moving Ice content in French, German, Italian, and Russian languages