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Patch NW.5.20130828.4

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Patch Notes NW.5.20130828.4 (http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?478161)

Classes[edit | edit source]

Quests and Environments[edit | edit source]

  • Helm's Hold: Grass and other environmental objects should no longer disappear unexpectedly when exploring this map.
  • Helm's Hold: This map no longer has an extra exit landmark that is inaccessible.
  • Lair of the Pirate King: Some areas where you could not see environment or enemies past a certain distance has been resolved.
  • Lair of the Pirate King: Companions should no longer get stuck longing for their masters after using the anchor to engage the Pirate King.
  • Midsummer Festival: Players may now interact with flowers during combat. Interaction does not break when hit.
  • Mount Hotenow: Environmental FX has had some minor performance updates.
  • Sharandar: Feywild Breach: Audio should now play properly in all areas of this map.
  • Sharandar: Quickling Den: Xylene should now have a boss introduction cutscene when players come close enough.
  • Sharandar: Dark Fey Enclave: Using the door to this neighborhood will no longer send an erroneous message stating you need a key to enter.
  • Sharandar: The Dark Fey Enclave portal will no longer call out that you need a key to use it after you have already aquired the key.

Items and Economy[edit | edit source]

  • Change Appearance: Temporary versions of Summer fashion items are no longer able to be transmuted over permanent items.
  • Change Appearance: When a Bind on Equip item is transmuted to look like a Bind on Pickup item, the resulting item is now bound.
  • Companions: [Cat]: This companion should no longer sound like a [Panther] and makes proper grooming sounds as a small cat should.
  • Companions: [Honey Badger] should have his missing sounds restored. He didn't mind though.
  • Riding a mount for extended periods of time will no longer cause the rider and mount animations to become out of sync.
  • Kobolds and Trolls in the Midsummer Festival now drop lockboxes at a rate of 1.5%.
  • Minions may now drop lockboxes and slightly raised the chance for all other enemies to drop them as well.
  • Mage's Cloth Cap +2 profession task now only requires a single Mage's Cloth Cap +1 instead of 2.
  • Resolved issue with an item that was causing players to have grunts and sounds of a Wight.

Foundry[edit | edit source]

  • Key items once again drop from Foundry quests.

Gateway[edit | edit source]

  • Auction House: You are now allowed to remove a lot you have posted before any bids have been placed as you can in game.

Graphics[edit | edit source]

  • The quality slider in the Graphics Options now accurately shows the current state, instead of requiring a nudge to get settings up to expected levels.

Localization[edit | edit source]

  • Various cases of untranslated text throughout the game have been addressed.

User Interface (UI)[edit | edit source]

  • Admin message for players acquiring an [Aranea] now announce "PlayerName has acquired an Aranea".
  • Campaign Window: May now be assigned a keybind through the options menu.
  • Character Creation: There are now proper mouseover tooltips for "Head Shape" and "Body Shape".
  • Character Equipment: Dragging items from the equipment slots should no longer drag the window as well.
  • Boons: Added a confirmation if you want to exit the window without spending points (similar to Feats). Updated the button text to better reflect power choosing.
  • Item set tooltips once again properly display the names of other items in the set.
  • Naming a companion will now properly save if all of your Companion Active Slots are full.
  • Mail: "Report Spam" button is disabled on mail that is not from another player such as NPCs.
  • Multiday Event Display: There is now a permanent element on the HUD for long term events such as the Midsummer Festival.
  • Popup dialog windows should properly close when using the ESC key once more.
  • Queues now give priority to complete 5 person parties which should speed up queue times for such parties in some cases.
  • Queues for epic dungeons now show the maps intended player level instead of the maps level.
  • Resolved a case where VoiP would no longer properly play party members speech.
  • Salvaging Window: Received some layout and art updates.
  • Slotting an Enchantment no longer mentions the Astral Diamond cost but does state there is a cost if you want to unslot later.
  • The Looking for Group chat channel will now properly switch you to the channel after typing "/lfg " instead of requiring enter being pressed.
  • The mount icon in your power tray is now grey when you cannot mount at your current position.
  • The Health bar mouseover tooltip will now display more information about your temporary health.
  • Vendors: Buying an item from a vendor will now make sound when double clicking to make a purchase.
  • When receiving a title, the icon will now use the one from the granting Achievement if there is one.