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Patch NW.5.20130812b.19

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Patch Notes NW.5.20130812b.19 (http://nw.perfectworld.com/news/?p=971041)

New Event: Summer Festival![edit | edit source]

  • Starting at 10:00 AM Pacific on Thursday, August 29, Sergeant Knox will have a quest to point players to the festival grounds near Neverwinter!
  • The Summer Festival will be running for several weeks. Log in every day to earn progress toward festival-themed fireworks, a new companion, new mounts, a fashion set celebrating the season, and more!
  • Don't be caught off guard!

Stability and Performance[edit | edit source]

  • Several game client crashes have been resolved.
  • Several graphics performance issues have been resolved that can occur in certain situations.

Class Balance and Changes[edit | edit source]

Content and Environment[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Fulminorax: Strafing run attack is now slightly longer so there are not occasionally spots where you can avoid the mechanic entirely.
  • Fulminorax: Should no longer fade in briefly after he flys away.
  • Valindra (Fulminorax encounter): She should no longer hide in a corner no longer engaging players for the rest of the fight under certain conditions.

Foundry[edit | edit source]

  • Asset Picker uses updated Overworld map icons and layout.

Gateway[edit | edit source]

  • Inventory: Astral Diamond numbers should now show up correctly if you have converted your maximum allowed for the day.
  • Inventory: Clicking multiple times in your bags should have improved responsiveness.
  • Browsers should be even more responsive to all updates made to Gateway in more cases.

Items and Economy[edit | edit source]

  • Loamweave Enchantment: The grass that springs up around your character will now properly fade away more quickly.
  • Salvaging: All items in Malabog's dungeon are now Salvageable.
  • Salvaging: Redcap items are no longer improperly marked as Salvageable even though they were not.
  • Lockboxes: Now have a chance to drop from minion enemies for an overall slightly higher and more even drop chance depending on what content is being played.

User Interface[edit | edit source]

  • Companions: Gem slots should no longer stop displaying under certain conditions.
  • Overworld Map: Now has updated icons and layout.
  • Removed all erroneous references to unbinding companions that could be brought up in certain conditions.
  • Bind on Equip items may no longer be equipped to the character through the character inspect widow.
  • The NPC voice over portrait has had a slightly updated art treatment.
  • The escape key should now properly close certain types of pop up menus again