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Patch NW.3.20130701a.5

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Patch Notes NW.3.20130701a.5 (http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?406401)

Major changes are highlighted in red.

End Game Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Difficulty at level 55-60 has been mildly reduced for solo content, this affects:
  • Difficulty at level 55-60 has been slightly reduced for team content, this affects:
  • Epic dungeon difficulty has been VERY slightly decreased, but should remain largely the same
  • This should be a scaling reduction affecting level 60 the most and trailing down to level 55.

Audio[edit | edit source]

  • Winterforge Goblins and Trolls now have updated grunts and wails of pain
  • Wolves now yelp when hit
  • Cult of the Dragon Initiates and Hexers now grunt and wail in pain
  • Abberant Plaguechanged Reavers and Raiders now grunt and wail in pain
  • Additional Voice Over for Italian, Polish and Turkish tutorials.

Systems and Items[edit | edit source]

  • Bosses and Critters
    • Fixed an issue where the proper effects were not playing when the Cleric of Asmodeus was dismounted.
    • Fixed an issue where the epic dungeon minibosses were not receiving the right amount of HP.
    • Minibosses should have improved leashing behavior if lured away from their respective lairs
    • Fixed an issue where the Greenscale Trapper's Net attack was larger than the ground effect.
  • Professions
    • Chests and barrels awarded from Leadership will now stack VERY high.
    • A recent influx of Adventurers has made it safer to gather materials in the wild. All armor-making Professions now have "Mass Gathering" tasks that allow players to take extra time and get more resources as a result.
    • Solvent has been added to the rewards of the Professions tutorial quest.
    • Platesmithing tasks has updated icons
    • Reinforced Arm slot crafted items are now all Bind on Pickup as intended. If there are any mailed or in the Auction Hall, they will become bound to the next character who picks them up.
  • Companions
    • Ioun Stone Companions should no longer cast shadows of mysterious men
    • Fixed issues that were causing companions to take too much damage from critter Splats.
    • The [Jagged Dancing Blade], [Dancing Shield], and [Honey Badger] companions should now be more responsive in combat.
    • If a Companion has remained summoned for a long period of time, there is no longer a chance for any passive buffs granted by that Companion to fade.
    • [Galeb Duhr]: [Stone Warden]: When the Galeb Duhr is at full health, this power will no longer fill the combat log with 0-health regeneration messages.
  • General Items
    • All Arcane Overseer pieces should now have the set name.
    • House Xorlarrin Bracers stats have been increased appropriately for their level.
    • Frost Enchantment: The descriptions now correctly state how much Recovery the target will lose instead of listing 0%.
    • Tiger mount rider position adjusted slightly to look better.
  • Devoted Cleric
    • Feat: Rising Hope: This feat now increases the correct stats, bringing it in line with the wording of the tooltip.
    • Feat: Healing Action: This feat now affects Heal Over Time powers in addition to direct heals.
    • Daunting Light: Now shows estimated damage as Radiant.
    • Flame Strike: Now shows estimated damage as Fire.
    • Miracle Healer's Set: Tooltip description changed to correctly reflect the effect of the power.
    • Divine Emissary's Set: This set will no longer incorrectly reduce the Gearscore of nearby allies.
  • Guardian Fighter
    • Knight's Challenge: You may no longer challenge a target already challenged by another Guardian.
    • Shield Master: Description no longer mentions any relation to the Shield Talent class feature.
    • Older Knight Captain's items are now named Antiquated Knight Captain's items to clearly indicate they are not part of the Knight Captain's set, and that these two sets are not interchangeable.
  • Great Weapon Fighter
    • Item Set: Valiant Duelist: This set bonus no longer stacks if other party members have the same set bonus.
  • Control Wizard
    • Gladiator Mage's Set: The 4 piece set bonus now has a clearer description of what this bonus does.
    • Ray of Frost will now target the chest of opponents when viewed by other players.
  • Fixed a delay of some powers which granted temporary health actually granting that health permanently.
  • Teammates now have to roll for shards dropped by dungeon bosses, and bosses will no longer scatter their loot everywhere on death, to reduce the chance of it falling off a cliff.
  • Fixed an issue that could vary rarely cause your character to be created without your selected ability score bonuses.
  • PvP level scaling has been adjusted so that you should not see a damage decrease in certain conditions.

Quests and Environments[edit | edit source]

User Interface[edit | edit source]

  • Queue Window
    • New queue type icons!
    • Queue list now has Level Range and Minimum Gear Score columns
  • Login screen now always saves your username; associated checkbox removed.
  • Text entry fields now have a text entry cursor to go along with them
  • Nail length is no longer unintentionally a Character Creation option (existing characters will remain unaffected)
  • When a Profession task finishes you will now hear a sound, instead of only when the window is open
  • Guild Window now has an Online column.
  • Various team loot window quality of life improvements
  • Party member buff icons will now only reach a maximum of 8 icons before making a new row, to prevent them stretching into the middle of the screen
  • HUD Self Status: various layout and unification fixes to be more similar to other related UI elements
  • A better error message has been created for the Invocation store on mouseover when your bags are full
  • Companion window: various quality of life and layout fixes
  • Zen Market preview images that were incorrect have been updated on some of the Horses
  • You can now sell items to a merchant from equipped slots and it will show the correct amount of gold it will sell for.
  • Send button on Guild Mail will no longer be disabled until you have written something in the nonexistent To field.
  • Fixed the Landing Page showing suggested content in the server language instead of the client language.