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Patch NW.1.20130416a.30

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Patch Notes NW.1.20130416a.30 (http://nw-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?273822)

Caturday Survivor's Pack[edit | edit source]

  • Everyone will receive a pack that includes a cape, a title, and a couple other items as a sign of our appreciation for players bearing with us through Sunday's downtime. More details to come at 6AM Pacific, during maintenance!
UPDATE: For more details, check out [this news post].

Exploit Fixes[edit | edit source]

-When holding the idol, go talk to Rhix, the kobold in Protector's Enclave next to the Wondrous Bazaar.
-This dialog is also available by clicking on the "Daily Quests" pane in the Landing Page (L key by default).
-Having the Jeweled Idol in your inventory unlocks a new "Store" option (this has replaced a quest named "Give Me the Idol").
-When clicking on the Store option, you may purchase a Coffer of Astral Diamonds for one Jeweled Idol each, and may repeat this as long as you hold at least one Jeweled Idol.
-Each Coffer of Astral Diamonds may be opened for 40,000 Astral Diamonds

News Post[edit | edit source]

A Token of Gratitude from the Neverwinter Team

By sominator @ May 21, 2013 at 6:00am

When we opened the doors of the Neverwinter Open Beta on April 30, we expected there to be all kinds of responses, from positive feedback and fun player stories to bug reports and constructive feedback…We've counted on these responses to make the game even better as we get closer and closer to our live launch.

What we did not expect, and should have, is how amazingly supportive and helpful our community would be during the brief snags that we might hit along the way. We are sincerely overwhelmed by all of the positive comments and feedback that we've received from you over the past few weeks, and would like to express our deepest thanks for your ongoing support and willingness to help us make Neverwinter one of the best free-to-play MMORPGs around.

Case in point: this past weekend, the Neverwinter community helped us to identify a major exploit involving the Auction House and Astral Diamond Exchange, which we promptly addressed through a number of corrective actions, including permanent bans on exploitative accounts and a necessary rollback to the time before the exploit was initiated. We realize the frustration that the rollback and related downtime may have caused and are deeply sorry for this inconvenience. We're also overwhelmed by your positive support and patience during the downtime, as well as your assistance in identifying the issue and helping us to develop and implement a solution as quickly as possible.

We'd like to thank you in the best way possible: by giving you some fun free stuff in-game to recognize your support throughout the Neverwinter Open Beta period. This thank-you, in the form of the Caturday Survivor's Pack, includes:

Stone of Health

Cape of Catastrophe

Dwarven Facemask

5x Teleport Scroll - Protector's Enclave

2x Adventurer's XP Booster

All characters that have been created before 5AM Pacific on Sunday, May 19, 2013 Update: All characters that have been created before 6:00 A.M. Tuesday, May 21, 2013, will receive the Caturday Survivor's Pack, which will appear in your in-game mail as an attachment to the message, “You Survived!” The items within the Caturday Survivor's Pack are bound to each character that receives it.

Once again, thank you so very much for all of your help and support throughout the Neverwinter Open Beta. We're extremely grateful and proud to be part of one of the best MMORPG communities around.

See you in-game!