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Paragon Path

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Paragon Paths are groups of powers and feats that can be used to customize a character. At launch, each class had only one available paragon path. However, Module 2: Shadowmantle introduced a second paragon path for each class.

Paragon Paths are selected when a character reaches level 30. This selection can be changed with the use of a [Retraining Token]. Each path includes:

List of Paragon Paths[edit | edit source]

Class Paragon Paths
Control Wizard Master of Flame[1], Spellstorm Mage
Devoted Cleric Anointed Champion[1], Divine Oracle
Great Weapon Fighter Iron Vanguard[1], Swordmaster
Guardian Fighter Iron Vanguard, Swordmaster[1]
Hunter Ranger Pathfinder[2], Stormwarden[1]
Oathbound Paladin Oath of Devotion[3], Oath of Protection[3]
Scourge Warlock Hellbringer[4], Soulbinder[5]
Trickster Rogue Master Infiltrator, Whisperknife[1]

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