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On-demand patching

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On-demand patching[edit | edit source]

On-demand patching is a default setting allowing you to download only essential updated files. Additional file patching will occur as the game requires them. This is usually through accessing dungeons and zones.

This can cause delays in load-time and may also cause your internet connection to lag due to the additional downloading of data.

To toggle this option, it is currently located in the launcher under "Options" in the "Patching" section. This is subject to change with the integration of the ARC client.

If you uncheck "On-demand Patching", the launcher will begin to patch ALL of the game files. All subsequent patches will be large since you will be downloading all patch changes all at once.

Lag Reduction[edit | edit source]

Turning "On-Demand Patching" off has been known to eliminate "SERVER NOT RESPONDING" and lag issues.

If you reduce the max physics debris objects option found in the Options#Video menu in-game, you can reduce the lag more.