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Obsidian Miztonhiyo +1/Tooltip

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Obsidian Miztonhiyo +1
Item Level: 570
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

Inventory Primary Stronghold 01 Tooltip.png

Artifact Equipment
Rank: 60 (maximum)

This weapon is a testament to the strength of its wielder and the perseverance of their guild. It is a reminder that there is strength in unity.

1,939-2,370 Damage

Equip: +10,061 Power
Equip: +1,892 Critical Strike
Equip: +1,892 Recovery

Offense Slot: No Enchantment
Weapon Enhancement Slot: No Enchantment
Offense Slot: No Enchantment

Part of set Masterwork III Weapon Set (0/2)
Obsidian Miztonhiyo
Obsidian Miztonhiyo +1
Fanged Quiilpia
Fanged Quiilpia +1
2 of Set:
You and nearby allies are granted the following:
+2% Outgoing Damage
+2% Outgoing Healing
-2% Incoming Damage
This effect may stack up to 5 times when allies are equipped with a set of Stronghold weapons.

Orb, Implement, Always Double Refinement, Ranged, Weapon
Requires Class: Control Wizard
Requires Level: 70
Gold3 Silver20 Copper86
Refinement Points46,467