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Oathbound Paladin solo dps build

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The following guide is player-written and not official policy of the game developer or publisher!!

The purpose of the build is to be able to deal high damage, while, unlike the pure dps classes, being able to also tank and heal for survivability thanks to your mechanic powers. The build is for both paragon paths. Thank you! And enjoy! Boons, mounts, and companions will arrive soon

BTW: Names of things that i recommend more than anything else are going to be capped and marked with <>

Ability Scores[edit | edit source]

The ability scores you should focus on are <CON> and <CHA>. Take CON because it increases HP, which is a very important stat for us thanks to a power called Aura of courage (i'm going to explain What it does soon), and also adds some survivability. Take CHA because it gives you companion influence (which is also very important and increases stats gained from bonding procs) and action point gain, and will also add to your Critical chance thanks to a feat we're going to choose.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Class features[edit | edit source]

<AURA OF COURAGE> is a must. It gives EVERY SINGLE HIT, from a tiny at will to a mighty daily, bonus damage equals at rank 4 to 1.3% of you maximum HP, and IT IS AFFECTED BY THE DAMAGE BONUS OF POWER, so if you have a lot of power and HP, it will give you a lot of extra damage for every single hit. That's Great. Also, while your'e soloing, always take <AURA OF SOLITUDE>. It gives you 21% more damage and healing from all sources while not having allies near you. While playing with others, it's a tough choice between Auras of vengeance, wisdom, and still solitude because the radius that an ally should'nt enter from it to proc is very small, so even while playing with a party it procs a lot. You decide.

===At wills=== if your'e a devotion paladin, slot <CURE WOUNDS> because it's very good for times when you don't want to die, and as the main at will slot <OATH STRIKE>, because it's the best damaging at will you have. If your'e a Protection paladin, shielding strike damages for more, so take it as the main damaging at will, and because you don't have Cure wounds, slot radiant strike too and hit with it every 15 seconds for the 5% damage buff.

Encounters[edit | edit source]

One of the first things you want to slot here is <RELENTLESS AVRNGER>, because, especially it you have a lot of enemies or players or NPC's near you, this power fills TONS of action points, and will solve all of your daily problems. It fills around 20-60% of your action points for a single hit. And it's also a Great damaging encounter that damages all enemies in range for decent damage and also adds a small control effect. Also slot <SMITE>. Alongside with a little DoT to close enemies, the main purpose of this power is heavy damage for a single target. The damage is good, trust me, and it's definitely worth slotting. Use it on this annoying mob that's stronger than all the other mobs around him. Good damage. The third one, and maybe the best one for pure damage bonus is <SACRED WEAPON>. It gives your 3 next at will hits A LOT of extra damage. If you combine the damage of those 3 sacred weapon at wills, the damage you get is second only to divine judgement. So use it. Also, if your'e a Protection paladin and your'e fighting enemies with high damage, you might want to slot binding oath instead of one of the 3 I detailed above. If they're actually threatening your life, you might also want to slot templar's wrath. And that's it I think.

Dailys[edit | edit source]

the main daily you will always use is <DIVINE JUDGEMENT>, that hits all nearby enemies for incredible damage (double the damage of smite, and to multiple targets. Triple the damage that relentless avenger does for every target. More than sacred weapon). That's you best damaging power. You won't really use the other daily a lot. Choose <LAY ON HANDS> for extra healing, or shield of faith for extra tankiness. I prefer lay on hands (that's why I marked it) because it does not consume all of your action points, so you can use the little heal, regenerate the points with relentless avenger, and strike again, this time with divine judgement.

Feats[edit | edit source]

Heroic feats[edit | edit source]

(you will not have enough points to max all of them, so I'll tell you how much points you should invest in every one before mod ving to the next one)

Toughness (3)|Weapon Mastery (3)|Wrathful Strikes (3)|Exampler's haste (3)|Light's shield (3)(because we're out of good feats until next tier) |Force of will (3) (that's the feat that increases Critical chance for CHA) |Steadfast (2) (5 if your'e a human)

Paragon Feats[edit | edit source]

(you will have enough points to reach rank 5 with all of the following feats. We are going to go with the justice feat tree as it is the dps tree. We're going to explain every choice in here)

SWIFT FLASH (because we don't need control bonus) |SHINING BEACON (for devotions)/FORIOUS REVERSAL (for Protections) (because the 10% decrease in encounter cooldowns that the other one gives is just like 1 second, that's almost useless) | STEM THE TIDE (if you mostly solo) / RADIANT CHAMPION (if you mostly play in a party) |ECHOES OF LIGHT (because it's amazing and will solve all of your encounter cooldown problems) | PURIFYING FIRE (because the only thing the other choice gives is healing, and that's a dps build) | VENGEFUL JUDGE (I don't even need to explain this one) | GIFTS OF LIGHT (because we finished the dps tree) | SERAPHIM (same) | UNFLINCHING RESOLVE (if you mostly solo) / AURA GIFTS (if you mostly play with a party)