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Hellow i got a problem dunno if anyone can help me. I am a lvl 62 devoted clerlic and my problem is that i dont get my lvl 60 quest like the quest ill get lvl 60 artifact or other lvl 60 quest i dont have any quest whit lord Never Remember i just cant find em but i noticed that i havent done all the zone quest that in the end i have to report sergent Knox but when i go back to the zone i think i have not done all the quest i cant find em ehiter i gues that it's becuase of my lvl idk but the quest is still there but the npc the i have to get the quest whit dont have the quest mark on their head like they used to have so it's very hard to find out where i dropped off the zone and got to another zone i wonder that do i have to do all the zone quest and report it to sergent Knox or or i dont have to do it. If i dont have to do it then can someone answer me what is my problem that i cant find my lvl 60 quest. Plzz Someone help me im tottaly stuck now T.T --The preceding unsigned comment was added by OnizukaZoriw (talk) at 01:04, 31 August 2015‎.

Hello. First, Neverwinter Wiki is not a place of tutorials, walk-throughs etc. Instead, use official forums. Second, remember to post signature when you post on Talk pages. Adriaen6 (talk) 08:21, 31 August 2015 (UTC)
Hello, but I wouldn't go saying, it is not a place for tutorials and walk-throughs, we would have to pull the whole wiki down and rethink how to redefine a wiki. I believe to phrase it better; This message was posted to the wrong area and the user would benefit consulting the game forum and not just us few nerds on a wiki. With that said, welcome to the wiki OnizukaZoriw. I retrieved your user ID and post signed your comment for you. As Adriane6 said, sign your comments by adding ~~~~ at the end. The appropriate place for personal comments would be on your talk page or user page. Wendy Black 09:37, 31 August 2015 (UTC)