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The Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter Noble's Chest is a limited-edition physical box set that was given to employees of Cryptic Studios & Perfect World Entertainment involved with the project, as well as some journalists who covered Neverwinter. Some have been given as promotional prizes from Perfect World (particularly during live streams) and different independent websites / magazines. It has never been available for direct sale from Perfect World, though several have appeared on eBay.

Neverwinter Noble s Chest.jpg

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Necklace with logo tag and large fancy key
  • Two normal keys to unlock chest
  • Lockable treasure chest
  • Cloth map
  • Art book with CD
  • Code found on the Valindra Card to gain [Valindra's Crown] in-game
  • Statue of Valindra Shadowmantle with stand (approximately 12 inches tall)

Gallery[edit | edit source]