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Mysterious Fortune

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Mysterious Fortune
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Consumable
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Mysterious Fortune is a reward for the quest Omens of the Stars during the Winter Festival. When used it will display a fortune (providing Lore) and sometimes provide a buff scroll as well.

Scrolls[edit | edit source]


Mysterious Fortune

Once per day during the Simril Festival you can seek a horoscope from the astrologers of Twightlight Tor.

Some are portentous and provide benefits. Others seem more vague.

Double click to open your horoscope.

No Level Requirement

Fortunes[edit | edit source]

Fortune Lore
A Brave Face A close relative will soon be the subject of childish insults. Keep all interactions with your adventuring comrades professional.
A Brief Encounter A daring escape may soon lead you to an unexpected reunion.
A Call to Adventure An old man in a tavern will have an interesting proposition. Beware of misleading advice.
Alertness and Alacrity An amazing opportunity will arise, if you are willing to take it. Act quickly and decisively.
All That Glisters Your hard work and murderous determination will start to pay dividends soon.
An Open Mind New opportunities are in your future. Always be ready to accept an unexpected offer.
Armor is No Protection There is no fortress that cannot be breached if one takes time to locate its weakness. Seek, and ye shall find!
Ask No Questions Waterdeep will be an important feature of your day tomorrow, although the reason for this may not be immediately apparent. In fact, you may not think Waterdeep features at all. However, it does, it has been foreseen.
Bold As Brass Fortune favors the bold. Except this fortune, which was given to you instead.
Caution to the Wind Dance like a maniac at the Moonstone Mask and win the respect of allies and foes alike.
Comrades in Arms Your steadfast friendship is a great comfort to others.
Doubts A healthy dose of skepticism will go a long way for you today.
Fair Warning Gelatinous cubes dissolve flesh. If you're not sure this is relevant to you, it is. Proceed with caution.
Favor the Bold Fly in the face of conventional wisdom: go ice fishing.
Fear and Surprise Expect the unexpected. Wear your armor to bed.
Fearsome Foe Your accomplishments speak for themselves. Beware of intimidating those of lesser ability..
Forgive Nothing To forgive and forget may be good for the soul, but bloody vengeance is far more satisfying.
Heads Will Roll The kingdoms that have issued death warrants against you are getting close. Stay on the move.
Honest Advice Believe in yourself. Nobody else does.
Insight and Awareness You will get some important information in the near future. Stay alert, you may need to act swiftly to capitalize on the opportunity.
Insufferable Your attention-seeking behavior can lead to unfortunate results.
Key To Happiness Money can't buy happiness. It can buy lots of other things, of course, which distract you enough to no notice the difference.
Killed With Kindness Kindness is contagious. So is the plague. You have been warned.
Leadership Lead your party from the front. Only that way can they stab you in the back.
Look Before You Leap They say pride comes before the fall. This is also true of pit traps. Tread carefully!
Look on the Bright Side The darkest hour is just before the dawn. Unless you have been struck blind in a dungeon with no light spell, in which case that is the darkest hour.
Mimicry Successful encounters, uplifting sunsets, and the companionship of comrades. All these will soon be a distant memory after a tragic accident with a mimic. Be careful.
Money Talks If you are told, 'Achievement is its own reward,' don't accept the quest: insist on gold coins.
New Beginnings Like the mighty tree in the wake of the forest fire, you are renewed while all around you is devastated.
No Mercy The alignment of the stars makes you a fearsome opponent today.
Opportunity Knocks This week you will find the perfect opportunity to embezzle money.
Precision Good news may come from a stranger who could predict a mixture of happiness and sadness that will likely resolve itself by the end of the week.
Saddle Sore The wise elf never plays leapfrog with a unicorn.
Short Tempers Beware of haggling with kobolds. Fights can start over the simplest of things.
Silence is Golden When words fail you, stop talking.
Solitude is Appreciated It′s not that people don′t like you, but you should probably keep to yourself for a while.
Speculation Cheating is going to occur within the next day, although it is unsure who is at fault.
Staff Problems This horoscope appears to be hastily scribbled in poor Draconic. It is completely illegible.
Strength in Numbers No man is an island. The greatest accomplishments can be achieved by working together.
Taking Chances What does not kill you makes you stronger. But it could leave you maimed, so be more careful
The Agony of Choice Good things come to those who wait. But don′t wait too long as the early bird gets the worm.
The Hard Truth When filled with fear or doubt remember, it could be worse. In fact, it will be worse. And soon.
The Scholar's Sign A love of learning is the path to happiness.
The Stranger An attractive stranger has a surprising proposition. Keeping an open mind can lead to great riches.
Time if of the Essence Time heals all wounds. Except mortal wounds. For those you need a cleric. Quickly.
True Love You set your sights too high. Its time to lower your standards to increase your chances of finding true love.
Why Wait? Patience is a virtue. But single-minded slaughter gets you what you want much faster.