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Mysterious Drow

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Mysterious Drow
Faction: Neverwinter
Race: Drow
Mysterious Drow.jpg
Mysterious Drow location

Mysterious Drow, also know as Bregan D'aerthe Operative, is a NPC and the quest giver of Drow race related quests. He can initially be found in The Tatters area, just outside the starting camp in Blacklake District (1166, 2340). Later, as the player progresses through the zones, he can be found in Blackdagger Ruins, Rothé Valley and Whispering Caverns.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Why should I help you?
Mysterious Drow
Good question. I'm guessing you don't care much about Menzoberranzan politics nowadays. Let's just say that regardless of what you might think about me or the Bregan D'aerthe, whatever House Xorlarrin is up to will be bad for Neverwinter. So, you help me, you help Neverwinter. Any more questions ?
Tell me about the Bregan D'aerthe.
Mysterious Drow
You've probably heard the basics already. We're a drow mercenary group operating out of Menzoberranzan. We take in promising fighters who find themselves Houseless for one reason or another. It's good work. With the various Houses in Menzoberranzan always at each others' throats, we're never out of work.

Why are we here in Neverwinter? Let's just say we have our interests.

Why does the Bregan D'aerthe need my help?
Mysterious Drow
Let's be clear. We don't need your help. Would it benefit us if you cooperated with us? Yes, it would. There are only so many of us, and it's useful to have extra hands when you're carrying out complicated plans.

And let me be clear on something else. By helping us against House Xorlarrin, you'll be helping Neverwinter. You might not like the Bregan D'aerthe, but we're a whole lot nicer than any of the Houses, especially Xorlarrin.

How is Menzoberranzan these days?
Mysterious Drow
Heh. Well, I won't be rude enough to ask why you want to know, but don't worry, it's just as brutal and deadly as ever. The Houses still scheme against and backstab each other. The weak are still destroyed, and the strong still rise up into Lolth's favor.

I won't be so callous as to ask why you left, but whatever the reason, I guarantee you nothing's changed.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Quests Given[edit | edit source]