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Merchant Guild Hall

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Merchant Guild Hall
Location Type: Point of Interest
Within: Tower District
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Merchant Guild Hall
Merchant Guild Hall
The Merchant Guild Hall was once an extravagant building where the merchant guild leaders gathered to discuss trade agreements, the future prosperity of Neverwinter, or to simply enjoy the fruits of their labor.

When the cataclysm destroyed the city, most of the merchants who survived fled to the city of Waterdeep to continue their business, while some relocated to Protector's Enclave once Lord Neverember re-established a trade market there.

Now the once-great Merchant Guild Hall is overrun by the orcs of the Many-Arrows Tribe. The fine tapestries and exquisite paintings which once adorned the walls of this establishment now trampled under the brutish heels of the orcs.

Merchant Guild Hall is a point of interest located at Merchant Square in Tower District.

Quests[edit | edit source]

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