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Mandrake Deepwise

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Mandrake Deepwise
Faction: The Guild of Underdark Guides
Race: Human
Occupation: Underdark Explorer

Mandrake Deepwise is an NPC encountered during the quest Xorlarrin Outpost.
He is a leading member of the Guild of Underdark Explorers who has been captured by the Drow under the command of Relonagh Xorlarrin. The adventurer is send out to rescue him. When Mandrake is found in a cage, he is in panic and tells the adventurer that the Drow, with the help of the Illithid, have planted someting unknown in his head, which is taking over control. Mandrake says he is a trap, and asks the adventurer to warn the other Underdark Explorers of what happened to him.
After the adventurer leaves him to himself, his fate is unknown, although Davlin Hoth alleges that he has perished.