Mana Plaster

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Mana Plaster
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: uncategorized
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Quality: Epic
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Sell value: Silver75
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Crafting Resource Relic Manaplaster.png


Mana Plaster

A reagent required in relic restoration.

While not a true plaster this mixture takes its name from the beautiful opaque finish it creates when set. Such reagents are sometimes used by artificers to treat restored magical items and increase magical conductivity.

Found in:

Professions - Artificing

No Level Requirement

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Artificing[edit | edit source]

Level Req. Rarity Icon Name Requires / Consumes Opt. Asset Time Produces (Tier 1-3) Prof. XP Profession XP Prof. XP per Hour
Crafting Resource Relic Manaplaster.png Mana Plaster Requires:Consumes: 3x Person or Tool 5m Tier 1:Tier 2:Tier 3: Profession XP1,200 14,400