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Maker's Calm
Module: Maybe earlier than module 20
Category: Profession Supplement
Tag: Supplement
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Quality: Rare
profession level
Item level: 40
Sell value: Currency Icon Tiny Copper.png10
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Maker's Calm is a supplement used in Profession tasks. It can be ...


Maker's Calm
Item Level: 40

Profession: +20 Proficiency

Special Skill: Dab Hand
10% chance to receive doubled materials from most tasks.
An alchemical concoction believed to temporarily improve an artisan's abilities.

Requires Profession Level: 1
Currency Icon Tiny Copper.png10

Masterwork Alchemy Tasks

Level Icon Name Commission Proficiency Focus Materials Results (Tier 1-3) Icons Crafting Morale.png Interval Profession XP small icon.png Profession XP small icon.png per Hour Currency Icon Tiny Silver.pngCost per Hour
70 Icons Inventory Event Summer Linseed Oil.png Essence of Calm Gold small icon.png1 1,300 810-1,200 4x Inventory Crafting Assets Mt Focus.png[Maker's Calm], 3x Crafting Resource Myrrh.png[Myrrh], 3x Crafting Resource Obsidian.png[Volcanic Salt] Tier 1:Tier 2: 40 3h Profession XP small icon.png? - Currency Icon Tiny Silver.png33.33
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