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Cult Orders[edit | edit source]

From Cult of the Dragon orders recovered in Neverdeath:

Your immediate objective is to find the grave of the elven adventurer Belast Messandar. The records show Messandar traveled with barbarian warrior named Cruven Gantara in his youth. All sources indicate Cruven was from the island of Tuern and was very possibly the last person to travel to the Sword Coast through the portal. We must find his burial place and speak with his spirit to learn the location of the portal. The success of our new cult of the dragon depends on it!

Messandar lived to to the age of 742 and was a successful merchant in Neverwinter after retiring from adventuring. This makes the Merchant's Landing section of Neverdeath the most likely place to find his grave. Attached is a list of other merchants Messandar worked with. If you can't find his grave, try speaking with these spirits to locate it.


Cult Prison[edit | edit source]

Prior to their current agenda, the Cult of the Dragon usually did not use prisons. But the demands of the summoning ritual of Tiamat means they must gather their captives and prepare them for sacrifice until the time is right.

Often these captives undergo excruciating torture at the hands of the Cult of the Dragon. Some say this is to satisfy the dark desires of Tiamat, others say it is simply an excuse for the captors to commit atrocities on their victims.

Cult Schism[edit | edit source]

Excerpt from book found in the Cult Prison in the Well of Dragons.

Originally, the Cult of the Dragon envisioned a new world ruled over by dracoliches which they cultists would create through their dracolich creation ritual. Now that doctrine has been overturned by Severin, who believes the old prophecies were misinterpreted. Severin believes a new dragon empire would come about ruled by living dragons and their cultist servants.

The effectiveness of Severin's vision, aided by Tiamat's dragon masks, has caused many to flock to the new doctrine. However, there are some who still cling to Sammaster's ways and fight against the new upstarts at every opportunity.

Drake Alchemy[edit | edit source]

Excerpt from book found in the Drake Pens in the Well of Dragons:

The magical essence of dragons is quite strong. Even in death, their remains carry enough of their magical nature to be used as alchemical components.

While true dragons cannot be re-created by alchemical means, a reasonable simulacrum can be made. Drakes are alchemically created from the scales, bones, and dust of dragons. While stunted in size, intelligence and ability compared to dragons, drakes are still strong and loyal companions.

Drake Pens[edit | edit source]

Drakes are four-legged wingless draconic creatures found predominantly amongst the ranks of the Cult of the Dragon. Drakes are not true dragons, but share some characteristics of their larger cousins. Drakes are extremely vicious and loyal to their masters.

Drow Alliance[edit | edit source]

Brothers & Sisters,

Recent developments in our current project indicate the final item we need lies in territory controlled by the Drow, the Whispering Caverns. We must cultivate a working relationship with them if we are to access this area without conflict.

Pursuant to that, I ask that you treat any Drow encountered in Rothé Valley with respect. Also, all escaped slaves captured by our forces are to be returned to the Drow slavers.


Lair of Lostmauth[edit | edit source]

Generations ago, the seafaring barbarians of Tuern constructed an elaborate underground temple in service to their three red dragon overlords. One of these red dragons, Lostmauth, was pleased by this and decided to claim the temple as his lair. Tunneled out of caves that flowed with liquid hot magma, filled with deadly traps and hazards, maintained by a steady supply of willing supplicants, and spacious enough to hold the covetous dragon's sizeable hoard, it was, in Lostmauth's mind, the perfect lair.

It is clear now that his temple was the Cult of the Dragon's objective when they came to Tuern. But why? What could be so special about Lostmauth and the long-lost temple in which he resides that would cause Severing and his followers to go to such lengths?

Lightning Jars[edit | edit source]

Brothers & Sisters,

I wish to stress upon you the importance of the mission you are now embarked upon. The lightning jars you are constructing are a vital part of our organization's glorious future.

We are dealing with an ancient object crafted and powered by cloud giants. It is difficult to determine how much lightning will be required to reactivate the object, so I ask that you guard each of these jars with your life, as the loos of even one may jeopardize this venture.

I also ask that you destroy any squirrels you encounter in the vicinity of your camp. Venfithar had an unfortunate incident with one as a hatchling and retains an irrational fear of them.


Mithral Mining[edit | edit source]

Wyrmspeaker Theures,

I cannot stress how important the mithral coming from this mine is to our efforts. It is vital to our operations in Rothe Valley and Icewind Dale. Without it, our efforts to secure the final piece we need may very well fail.

That being said, I authorize you to use a small portion of the mithral to secure the cooperation of Merothrax In providing security to your mining operation.

More Mithral[edit | edit source]

Once all the necessary lightning jars have been constructed and filled, send any remaining mithral supplies on to Icewind Dale. Our construction project there requires a large amount of the metal.

Unfortunately, adventurers from Neverwinter continue to interfere with our mithral mining operation in Icespire Peak. More members of our brotherhood have been dispatched to take care of these troublemakers and ensure a steady supply mithral.


No Dracoliches...[edit | edit source]

Excerpt from a letter found on a "traditional" Cult of the Dragon member:

...I can't understand these fools following Severin. Yes, they may create a new dragon empire more quickly with their methods, but what good is that empire if the Cult does not have absolute control over it?

The wyrms are cunning creatures. Surely once they understand their true power they will throw off the Cult's yoke and rule for themselves...

Severin's Bargain[edit | edit source]

Severin and his followers entered Lostmauth's lair without the dragon's permission and slaughtered the barbarian supplicants they found there. Normally, one would expect such actions to bring the perpetrators a swift and fiery death, but somehow, Severin was not only able to convince Lostmauth to spare them, but the canny leader of the Cult of the Dragon was able to strike some sort of bargain with the red dragon.

That Severin was able to accomplish such a task nearly defies belief. But even more unsettling than the Cult of the Dragon's leader apparent skill and kinship with red dragons are the terms of the bargain itself. What could Lostmauth have agreed to give to the Cult of the Dragon? And what could Severin have promised Lostmauth in return?

Thayan Magical Shelter[edit | edit source]

Creating and sustaining portals to large extra-dimensional spaces takes a tremendous amount of arcane power. The secret is known to few in Faerûn, but the Magocracy of Thay is one of them.

The Thayan magical shelter appears to be a portable doorway. Once set in place, it can be opened into an expansive Thayan stronghold that exists in extra-dimensional space. The actual location of the space connected to the doorway In the Well of Dragons has a close proximity to the Nine Hells, making it easier for Thayan conjurers to summon Tiamat's devils to aid the Cult of the Dragon.

However, the proximity to the infernal realms makes the extra-dimensional space quite volatile. The shelter must be secured in place by dimensional anchors to prevent it from losing its connection to the magical doorway connecting it to Faerûn. If the anchors were destroyed, the shelter would be set adrift in the extra-dimensional space.

The Isle of Tuern[edit | edit source]

Located far out of the Frozenfar region of the Trackless Sea, the island of Tuern is home to a xenophobic race of seafaring Northmen who have a strict taboo against outsiders setting foot on their sacred soil.

The island itself is dominated by a massive volcano, and the crumbling remains of an ancient draconic civilization still stand amid the old lava flows and simple barbarian settlements.

The natives of Tuern worship a trio of ancient red dragons said to dwell within the volcano.

The New Cult of the Dragon[edit | edit source]

Excerpt from a letter found on a Cult of the Dragon member following Severin:

...These hidebound traditionalists are fools. Why waster the time and resources controlling dragons and transforming them into dracoliches when we can work together with the living dragons?

Using the old methods advances our goals at a snail's pace. I could take centuries to create the new empire! Using Severin's new methods with living dragons could see the empire created in my lifetime. Just think of it!...