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Botanical Invocation Instructions[edit | edit source]

Place a Glowberry, Gingershroom, and Starflower on the pedastal.

Citadel Felbarr[edit | edit source]

(Available to Dwarves only)

Just south of the Glimmerwood, the dwarfhold of Citadel Felbarr once went by another, more ominous name - the Citadel of Many Arrows.

Originally home to many thousands of dwarves and part of the kingdom of Delzoun, it was abandoned nearly five centuries ago. In 1104 DR, after a brief occupancy by humans, the citadel fell to a rampaging orc horde in the Battle of Many Arrows. Three centuries later, dwarves led by Emerus Warcrown retook the city and re-established Citadel Felbarr.

Felbarr, like Mithral Hall and Citadel Adbar, was briefly a part of the League of the Silver Marches. With the death of that nation's founder, Alustriel Silverhand, the dwarves of Felbarr withdrew from the league to focus on their own defense. The dwarves of Felbarr know safety only comes with the swing of a hammer.

Corellon and Gruumsh[edit | edit source]

(Available to Elves only)

It is said that Corellon and Gruumsh fought side by side in the Dawn War, when the gods battled the ancient primordials. Corellon fought with great intelligence, grace, and determination, whereas Gruumsh employed rage, limitless strength, and the gift of premonition. When the war was over, the gods set to the task of dividing up the dominion of the world.

Gruumsh was envious of Corellon's greatest creation, the elves, and sought to replace world's favored people with a twisted race of his own. He challenged Corellon to the battle that plucked out Gruumsh's left eye, and with it took the rage god's prescient powers.

Gruumsh One-Eye's hate and blood mingled with the earth to form the first orcs, and so ensnared the destinies of the peoples. Elves and orcs shall be foes eternally.

Crystal Invocation Instructions[edit | edit source]

Place an Agate, Blue, and Green crystal on the pedastal.

Empathy[edit | edit source]

(Available to Half-Elves only)

As children of two very different worlds, half-elves naturally learn to see things through the eyes of others. Empathy leads most half-elves to treat people kindly, and as a result they are generally well regarded. Wherever a half-elf goes, they benefit from the goodwill spread by their kind.

It is not surprising that many half-elves make a name for themselves as diplomats and peacemakers. To most of them, building trust and forging friendships is second nature.

Evermeet[edit | edit source]

(Available to Elves only)

The mystical city of Evermeet, once the home of Elven Court in Faerûn, vanished from the world after the Spellplague.

On an island far to the west of the Sword Coast, Evermeet was the final destination in life to all Tel'Quessir (the elven races) untouched by Lolth. It was said to be hauntingly beautiful, a place of contemplation, peace, and nature. There, elves spent millennia perfecting elven crafts like music, magic, and poetry, or studying the ancient and vast history. Many elves there could trace their lineage back to Illefarn and further.

The true fate of Evermeet is unknown. Some whisper the isle of Evermeet still floats where once it was, but now lies barren and lifeless. Others say Evermeet lives on, but in the Feywild, severed from this world. The truth remains mystery.

Fallen Tower Tavern[edit | edit source]

The broken base of an old wizard's tower has long been the site of a popular tavern in Neverwinter. Within the Fallen Tower, phantom wizards form in the air, seeming solid and real as they replay the moments of their deaths during the Spellplague. They fall into and through the cookfire in the middle of the tavern. Since before the cataclysm, the show has attracted customers to the Fallen Tower.

When the Many-Arrows orcs discovered this vacant building, they found stores of wine and were in the midst of a celebration when the phantoms appeared. The orcs started to flee, but when it became clear that the spirits were harmless, the wine lured them back. Now the Many-Arrows orcs run the tavern as a place where members of their force and others worthy enough to join them can share a few drinks.

The Lord Protector and the leader of the Many-Arrows orcs have declared the Fallen Tower neutral ground, and the orcs do not bother anyone who comes to the tavern to do business.

Many-Arrows Camp[edit | edit source]

When the orcs Many-Arrows Tribe arrived in the Tower District, they established their base camp in the shadow of the Cloak Tower.

Since then it has grown into a fortified camp where the leaders of the orcs gather before raiding the rest of the Tower District.

Merchant Guild Hall[edit | edit source]

The Merchant Guild Hall was once an extravagant building where the merchant guild leaders gathered to discuss trade agreements, the future prosperity of Neverwinter, or to simply enjoy the fruits of their labor.

When the cataclysm destroyed the city, most of the merchants who survived fled to the city of Waterdeep to continue their business, while some relocated to Protector's Enclave once Lord Neverember re-established a trade market there.

Now the once-great Merchant Guild Hall is overrun by the orcs of the Many-Arrows Tribe. The fine tapestries and exquisite paintings which once adorned the walls of this establishment now trampled under the brutish heels of the orcs.

Merchant Square[edit | edit source]

Merchant Square was once a bustling market area where people from all around the Sword Coast would come to buy, sell, and barter goods. It was the financial hub of Neverwinter, verging on rivaling Waterdeep for the wealth exchanged daily.

Little remains of that wealth. What was pillaged after the cataclysm destroyed the city was taken by bandits and the Many-Arrows Orcs who now occupy the place.

Merchant Square Sewers[edit | edit source]

The Merchant Square Sewers were greatly damaged during the cataclysm, with whole sections collapsing or falling into disrepair.

Nowadays, any unreclaimed areas of the sewers have become havens for thieves and rebels seeking refuge from justice.

Mithral Hall[edit | edit source]

(Available to Dwarves only)

Easily the best-known dwarfhold in Faerun, Mithral Hall is the home of Clan Battlehammer and a proud symbol of dwarven strength in the North.

Wedged between the Kingdom of Many-Arrows and the Silver Marches, Mithral Hal lays deep underground, surrounded by workshops, forges, and the mithral mines from which the city takes its name. Its depth places it uncomfortably close to the upper reaches of the Underdark, and the passages between these two realms are fiercely guarded.

Rule of Mithral Hall has changed hands many times over the years. Orcs, drow, and dragons have all claimed these ancient halls. Dwarves rule there now, since Bruenor Battlehammer reclaimed the dwarfhold a hundred years ago.

Neverwinter Guard[edit | edit source]

(Available to Fighters only)

When Lord Neverember set plans to return to Neverwinter, he understood the gravity of the task before him. At great expense, he contracted a band of mercenaries to form the company of soldiers that would become the Neverwinter Guard.

Tasked with the protection of Neverwinter from both internal and external threats, the Neverwinter Guard is not the city watch. They often sortie into dangerous situations, armed to the teeth and ready for battle. They travel to nearby areas where nearby threats emerge and attempt to head them off.

Some in the city bristle at the sight of armed and liveried mercenaries walking the streets of Neverwinter, but the majority of citizens in Protector's Enclave are grateful for the Guard.

Neverwinter Guard Post[edit | edit source]

The Neverwinter Guard Post is the city's first line defense against the aggressive advances of the Many-Arrows Tribe.

Headed by the veteran Captain Janros, the post's main objective is to keep the orcs from spreading into the rest of the city. Captain Janros often hires adventurers to take out key orc targets in an effort to hamper the Many-Arrow's war efforts.

Neverwinter Guard Spy Post[edit | edit source]

The Neverwinter Guard Spy Post is a nothing more than a ruined building where a lone disguised sentry keeps watch over the movements of the Many-Arrows Tribe.

Secure in the knowledge of their martial superiority, the orcs have yet to suspect they are being watched.

Nevrim's Orders[edit | edit source]

Double the watch at the sewer entrance. The Neverwinter forces are becoming suspicious... they may start poking around down here.


Obould Many-Arrows[edit | edit source]

(Available to Half-Orcs only)


Old Ways of Magic[edit | edit source]

(Available to Control Wizards only)

Before the Spellplague, the commonly accepted method for wizard to cast a spell was complex. It involved holding the formula careful in one's mind an unraveling it to produce the effect. This method would generally expunge the formula from the wizard's mind.

Since the Spellplague, new and interesting methods have been developed. The most popular of these preserves the memory of the spell's formula, allowing for repeated casting. Though clearly advantageous, these methods are more physically and mentally draining than the old method, and require a brief period of rest before the spell can be reused.

Orc Barracks[edit | edit source]

Once a private guard barracks in the Tower District, the orcs have since converted it to their own use.

Here the orc warband leaders gather to discuss the next conquest in the name of the Many-Arrows Tribe and Gruumsh.

Pedlars Path[edit | edit source]

Pedlars Path is where many of the low-end merchants lived and worked. Tinkers, cobblers, and the like occupied the narrow streets of this neighborhood and sold their humble wares.

Now the streets are occupied by the Many-Arrows Orcs. They have rebuilt some of the buildings in typical orc fashion, turning the meager ruined homes into ugly fortress-like structures.

Single Malt[edit | edit source]

The label is clear: "Ferguson-Mosiondz Single Malt."

Nevrim is notorious for his interest in the finest liquors.

Spellscarred Orcs[edit | edit source]

(Available to Half-Orcs only)

Under the command of Vansi Spellscarred, the Many-Arrows orcs of the Tower District are in open rebellion against the otherwise peaceful Kingdom of Many-Arrows.

Vansi "gifts" those who please her with spellscars, mystical affliction that corrupt the bearer over time but also grants dangerous power. Many who bear spellscars develop deformities like bristles, horns, or claws. Others even learn to channel the blue spellfire that rages in Plague-touched places.

These orcs are fiercely loyal to Vansi and would die for her glory.

The Cloak Tower[edit | edit source]

The tower takes its name from a guild of mages called the Many-Starred Cloaks who lived and gathered there. They were well known in the city for their arcane skill and for the whimsical, colorful cloaks they wore. During the Spellplague, the tower and its occupants vanished. The tower reappeared half a year later on a different patch of ground in the city.

As a tavern tale has it, when thieves first broke into the tower several months after it first reappeared, the found empty halls and no mages (or bodies). Only the guild members' many-starred cloaks remained, hanging from pegs on the walls. Then disaster struck the thieves: The lone survivor of the group told of a horrific attack from cloaks that suddenly came to life and enveloped the other bandits.

Whether the tale or any part of it is true, the citizens of shunned the tower for decades thereafter - no one wanted to risk entering it.

District residents expected that orcs, too, would run afoul of the tower's wards when they tried to occupy the place, but the creatures were able to move in safely. They have established themselves quite nicely in the most protected holdfast in the district.

The Fallen Banner[edit | edit source]

The proud Neverember flag has been torn and defaced, but not burned. Maybe it was meant to be a trophy once, but it has since been forgotten.

The Gods of Faerûn[edit | edit source]

(Available to Devoted Clerics only)

Ao the Overgod created existence as an empty, gray void. From this vast nothingness came Selûne and Shar, light and darkness. They were the first of many gods, for good and for evil, for order and for chaos.

Amaunator keeps the Eternal Sun. Chauntea nurtures and feeds all Life. Corellon protects and preserves the Fey. Moradin shapes Metal and Stone. Sune radiates Beauty. Torm upholds Justice.

Kelemvor guides the blessed Dead. Oghma chronicles all Knowledge. Silvans cultivates Nature. Tempus wages War.

Bane rules over Fear and Tyranny. Cyric wears the three crowns of Murder, Strife and Deception. Ghaunadaur endlessly spawns Abominations. Gruumsh the Conqueror commands the Savagery. Lolth waves Poisons and Spite.

Some worship these gods. Some fear them. But all should be wise enough to respect them.

The Weave and the Spellplague[edit | edit source]

(Available to Control Wizards only)

The Weave was an underlying fabric of magic that permeated Abeir-Toril until the murder of Mystra, the goddess of magic. The Weave collapsed with Mystra's death, and magic erupted across the world in an event called the Spellplague. The physical effects of the Weave's collapse were extensive, but the effect on magic and its practitioners was devastating.

With the structure of magic destroyed, users of the arcane arts were left powerless until new methods of wielding magic could be developed. Eventually, a stunning variety of methods emerged successful. Although the nature of magic has changed the fundamental manipulation of its forces has not.

Tower District[edit | edit source]

Once marked by the proud towers Lords, Wizards and Mercantile Guilds, the Tower District of Neverwinter was destroyed in the explosion of Mount Hotenow a few decades back. It has yet to be brought under the protection of Lord Neverember.

Recently, a small army of orcs from the Many-Arrows Tribe came down from the north and has claimed this area of the city for themselves. Their commander, Vansi Bloodscar, has taken the Cloak Tower as her base. The area around it has become heavily fortified by the orcs.

The orcs now strip away the former wealth of the Tower District for themselves, and kill anyone who intrudes on their territory. The Neverwinter Guard does its best to keep the orcs from spreading to the rest of the city, but resources are spread thin.

Unmolested Portrait[edit | edit source]

Etched into the frame of this newer portrait is a title, "The Prophet."

The woman doesn't appear particularly prescient, but somehow the painting is intact, though everything else has been defiled.

Vansi the Vicious[edit | edit source]

This letter was found in the hands of a strange orc in the Many-Arrows Orc Encampment:


This is your last warning. I don't care if you left your "horde" to be with me. You are not of the Many-Arrows Tribe, and I care not for your advances. Try to see me again and I'll bury an axe in your back.

- Vansi Bloodscar

Wanderlust[edit | edit source]

(Available to Half-Elves only)

Most half-elves never truly overcome the feeling that they are outsiders. Together with their insatiable thirst for adventure, this drives them to wander far and wide in the course of their long lives. Although they make friends easily, most half-elves find themselves uncomfortable staying in one place long enough to form lasting bonds.

Travelling the world has many benefits, and few half-evles lack considerable experience. Not all half-elves give in to their wanderlust, but all hear the call of the long and open road.

Waukeen Way[edit | edit source]

Waukeen Way was once a place where successful merchants of the Tower District built their homes. Named after Waukeen, the Goddess of Wealth, this place once housed opulent mansions with well-tended gardens.

Now, Waukeen Way is a shadow of its former self. Devastated by the cataclysm, few buildings remain, and only a lone shrine to Waukeen survives amidst the ruins.