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Lore:The Stronghold

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Abandoned Homestead[edit | edit source]

Builder´s Notes

“What an interesting little hamlet! The houses here are of fairly recent construction, I´d say maybe, ten, twenty years old at the most. They´re built fairly well, too; strong foundation, solid interior design.

Unfortunately, the stench of blood and death is still fresh, or maybe that´s just the orc side of me talking, as no one else seems to smell it or get the flashes of death and destruction when they´re in the area.

At any rate, this place would make a start to build a town, if we can get these orcs out of here. I have so many plans on what we could do.”

Dragon Hills[edit | edit source]

Builder´s Notes

“How exciting! Today, me and the boys found an ancient dragon altar in the mountains, and it´s still standing. Everything is intact! So much what we see is in ruins, but someone built this dragon alter to last, and I can appreciate that. I´m not sure if the Steward still wants this altar around, but I say we should leave it, it adds character to the surrounding area.

I know I might just sneak out every now and them to examine the altar a bit more, see if I can´t get some ideas for some new buildings. The area also just make me calm. In fact, I don´t even hear the whispers of Gruumsh when I take naps in the area.”

Fae Canopy[edit | edit source]

Master of Coin´s Notes

“This area of the stronghold is so beautiful! The trees are so tall, and their leaves create such nice shade at any time of the day. I love coming here to sort out the stronghold´s finances. It has the two things I love, numbers and nature, the tow sacred N´s!

Oh, and I think a saw a fairy watching me the other day. I may have been hallucinating, though, as I had been up for several days reconciling our latest expenditures.”

Grim Forest[edit | edit source]

Cleric´s Notes

“I´ve taken long walks in the area and it´s rather nice – no one tries to go near the area and you get a sense of foreboding from standing at the entrance. I feel at home here, perhaps Ilmater´s purpose was to lead me to this very place.

The forest particularly seems to bother the Steward and he won´t come anywhere near it. He talked about chopping it all down, but right now he´s too scared of the place to do anything.

That´s fine by me... it means we won´t be expanding into this area, at least for now.”

Homestead[edit | edit source]

Steward´s Notes

“A few people claiming to have once lived in hamlet have begun to show up. One man aid that the mallet was called Homestead. I don´t care what it´s called, as long as the inhabitants are productive.

Now that we actually have more locals showing up to help with the Stronghold, I can dispense with some of our Luskan workers. They´ve been getting on my nerves, at any rate, claiming they´re hearing whispers from their ancestors, whatever that means.

Oh, and our former ‘Homesteaders' say there was no Stronghold when they lived here. We should probably look into that.”

Maiden's Lane[edit | edit source]

The Builder's Notes

“You can´t turn a corner without finding something interesting in this place. Take Maiden´s Lane – I came up with the name. The area has an old windmill and lovely docks set up by the lake. I should try to go fishing!

I don´t know who built these, but they´re recent, around the time of the hamlet´s building, as far as I can tell.”

Misty Hills[edit | edit source]

Master of Coin´s Notes

“Is anyone going to see what is going on with the Misty Hills? I can barely walk through the area! There´s a thick mist that just sticks to the ground, but there´s no logical reason why it should be there. It´s there at morning, noon, and night. It doesn´t even go into the place the drunken ranger called Devil´s Hideaway... it´s like the mist just wants to stay in that area.

I hope the Steward comes up with a solution, because the place is just terrible plain difficult to walk through for a Halfling. Of course, the Builder thinks it´s a fantastic place. She would, being a tall half-orc.”

The Millabout[edit | edit source]

Steward´s Notes

“I´ve dubbed this area of the Stronghold the ‘Millabout', as our workers tend to relax in this back area... and assume I don´t notice them wasting our coin during work hours. It seems the name has caught on, but the workers don´t know who started it.

They think I don´t know who´s swinging the lead, but I have a list of lollygaggers. I have lists for everything. Oh, and there seems to be some ancient ruins in the area that resemble portals. I´ll keep an eye on that.”

The Stronghold[edit | edit source]

Steward´s Notes

“You won´t find a better Stronghold in all of Faerûn. This stronghold seems like it was built it to stand the test of time. It´s now our task to do the same to the surrounding land... while making a hefty profit, of course.

Keep an eye out for various problems in the area. The Many-Arrow Orc tribe had several camps out in the area at one point, and many people are reporting other oddities in the area.

If you see something, deal with it, that´s why you´re called an adventurer after all.”

Whimpering Canyon[edit | edit source]

Cleric´s Notes

“This canyon is haunted by ghosts. I can hear their cries, their whimpers, begging for release. It´s faint, but there. I´ve talked to a few of the spirits and they keep going on and on about how painful their deaths were.

Getting rid of ghosts is a simple process. We just need to resolve various tasks from their lifetimes.

Unfortunately, most of the ghosts' unresolved tasks involve some form of destruction. Some of them want to see neighboring areas destroyed, while others to see the Stronghold reduced to rubble.

Obviously, we cannot allow this to happen. I´m looking into other methods to deal with the ghosts.”