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Lore:Stronghold Foes

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Foreign Mercenaries(Steward)[edit | edit source]

Steward's Notes

“I should have known that we'd draw the attention of a city at one point, but I was hoping that it would be in the form of trade, not in takeover.

I've discovered several pieces of evidence that these mercenaries are being hire by someone in Luskan. Perhaps it is one of the five high captains or someone from the Arcane Brotherhood.

No that it matters. We're far from Luskan, and I'm confident the guild can deal with a pile of mercenaries.”

Foreign Mercenaries(Ranger)[edit | edit source]

Ranger's Notes

“I thought it was going to be all over once we got rid of the orcs, but now we have these mercenaries marching in to the Stronghold and claiming that they're here to take our land!

I know the guild can push them back, but it's just a bit much, isn't it? Why can't we get a moments peace here?”

The Many-Arrow Orcs[edit | edit source]

Steward's Notes:

“When I was first notified of this Stronghold, it was with the caveat that the land was overrun with orcs. That did not deter me, and it should not deter you. Orcs can be beaten, just like any creature, even if they belong to the Many-Arrow Orc tribe.

Nothing should get in the way of us earning a sizable profit from this land.”