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Crystal Golem[edit | edit source]

Crystal golems look like 10-foot-tall, translucent githyanki warriors. They cannot speak, but understand gith language. They can be found defending key outposts and as powerful members of invasion and illithid hunting parties. Like other golems, they are resistant to spells and ordinary weapons. Their method of construction is unknown.

Githyanki Dragon Rider[edit | edit source]

Githyanki knights are warriors, spellcasters, and scouts of exceptional ability devoted to the unflagging service of Vlaakith. Knights report directly to the queen and aren't part of the military hierarchy. The personnel for any important mission includes at least one knight, and every githyanki fortress or outpost across the multiverse is administered by at least one knight in residence.

Knights are always involved in important decision, and it is forbidden to keep secrets from them. They act as commissars and enforcers of Vlaakith's will.

Knights often emerge from planar travel astride the back of red dragons, which have been serving the githyanki as allies ever since their time of enslavement under the mind flayers.

Neothelid[edit | edit source]

A slime-covered worm of immense size, a neothelid is the result of the mind flayer reproductive cycle gone horribly wrong. On rare occasions, an illithid colony collapses, typically after an external assault, and the elder brain is killed. When that happens, the colony's tadpoles are suddenly freed from their fate. They no longer serve as food, and in turn are no longer fed by their caretakers. Driven by hunger, they turn to devouring one another. Only one tadpole survives out of the thousands in the colony's pool, and it emerges as a neothelid.

As a feral thing, a neothelid knows nothing beyond the predatory existence it has lived so far and struggles to comprehend its new psionic abilities. Neothelids prowl subterranean passages in search of more brains to sate their constant hunger, growing ever more vicious. They have no knowledge of their link to illithids, so they're just as likely to prey on mind flayers as on anything else.

Stardock[edit | edit source]

Originally carved by dragons, the asteroid known as Stardock orbits the planet of Toril --- one of hundreds that form the asteroid belt known as the Tears of Selûne. Over ages, illithids, undead mages, and spacefaring pirates have fought over the expanded Stardock's halls, but the asteroid was long abandoned by the time the githyanki and their red dragon allies moved in.

The asteroid magically generates breathable air that fills Stardock's interior and extends out 120 feet from the asteroid. Beyond this range is the airless void of space.

Teachings of Zerthimon[edit | edit source]

Though Gith was their liberator from the mind flayers, Zerthimon is considered the founder of the Githzerai race. He believed that Gith was unfit to lead, her warmongering ways making her a tyrant no better than their former illithid masters.

The Teachings of Zerthimon is a powerful and ancient githzerai artifact that allows safe entry into Shra'kt'lor, the central fortress city of the githzerai. The githyanki and the illithids are searching for the artifact. Either faction gaining access to this bastion of githzerai order would be disastrous.

A small band of githzerai seeks to recover the Teachings of Zerthimon and undermine both factions, and enlists the help of Adventurers to achieve their goals.

The Gith[edit | edit source]

The story of the gith is rooted in a cruel twist of cosmic fate. Inspired by the great leader for whom the race is named, the gith rose up to overthrow the mind flayers that held them in servitude. But after they won their freedom, two factions among the gith disagreed on what kind of civilization they would forge. That disagreement quickly flared into open hostility, and the two groups distanced themselves from one another to pursue their separate agendas. They remain bitter enemies today, each side willing to fight to the death whenever they cross paths.

The Githyanki[edit | edit source]

The githyanki were motivated by revenge and convinced that they deserved to take whatever they wanted from the worlds they traveled. Ranging out from the titanic city of Tu'narath on the Astral Plane, they send raiders out to plunder the Material Plane and other worlds, bringing treasures and slaves back to their ageless realm. At the same time, they hunt down and kill mind flayers whenever possible, as recompense for what the illithids did to them.

The Githzerai[edit | edit source]

The githzerai believed that the path to an enlightened civilization lay in seclusion, not conflict. Their dedication to the principles of order is so strong they can manipulate the stuff of chaos and use it to their benefit; thus, they have carved out a stronghold for themselves on the plane of Limbo that is virtually impervious. Though the githzerai are pacifists by nature, they share the githyanki's racial hatred for mind flayers, and from time to time they send out squads to destroy illithid outposts

The Toril Vista[edit | edit source]

At the edge of the asteroid Stardock, any Toril-borne soul would struggle to comprehend what appears before their eyes. From horizon to horizon, the entire expanse of Toril can be seen at once. Hundreds of mils of empty space lie between the view and their home far, far below.

As if that is not enough to bend the mind beyond its limits, massive red dragons glide effortlessly by and prowl stone platforms that reach out into the space like piers into a vast, invisible sea.

Undermountain Under Siege[edit | edit source]

The endless war between the githyanki and the illithids has overflowed into Undermountain in a desperate search for the Teaching of Zerthimon. Invading forces have appeared on all levels of Undermountain as well as on expeditions through its darkest corners.

Each faction has arrived in full force to achieve their goals, with all manner of rand and bestial ally.