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Lore:Spinward Rise

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Aarakocra[edit | edit source]

Aarakocra are originally from a distant land far to the west (Maztica). Many ears ago, several colonies went into the Elemental Plane of Air, while others migrated to Faerun where they live in several mountain regions including the Storm Horns mountains in Cormyr.

In the Elemental Plane of Air, Aarakocra range the Howling Gyre, an endless storm of mighty winds and lashing rains that surrounds the tranquil realm of Aaqa. Making aerial patrols, these birdlike humanoids guard the windy borders of their home against invaders from the Elemental Plane of Earth, such as gargoyles, their sworn enemies.

IN service to the Wind Dukes of Aaqa, aarakocra scout the planes in search of temples of Elemental Evil. They spy on malign elemental creatures and then either take the fight to those creatures or report back the Wind Dukes.

On the Material Plane, aarakocra create aeries atop the highest mountains, especially peaks near portals to the Elemental Plane of Air. From such heights, aarakocra watch for signs of elemental incursions, as well as for nascent threats to their home plane. Aarakocra prefer to live their lives like the wind– unburdened and ever moving–yet they watch over a region for years if that's what it takes to guard against the incursions of Elemental Evil.

Cloud Giants[edit | edit source]

Cloud giants live extravagant live high above the world, showing little concern for the plights of other races except as amusement. They are handsome and muscular, with light skin and hair of silver or blue.

Cloud giants are spread to the winds, encompassing vast areas of the world. Attuned to the magic of their airy domains, cloud giants are able to turn into mist and create clouds of billowing fog. They dwell in castles on high mountain peaks, or on the solid clouds that once held their fiefs. Still gracing the skies on occasion, these magic clouds are lasting remnant of the giants' lost empires.

Better spellcasters than most other giants, some cloud giants can control weather, bring storms, and steer the wind.

Dashar and Silviria[edit | edit source]

Dashar and Silviria, a pair of air genasi siblings, claim to be powerful seers hailing from Yartar. They believe that secret truths are borne to them “on the wind.” The rumors of their prophetic visions have drawn many new air cultists to Spinward Rise where there are indoctrinated in the ways of the Howling Hatred.

Elemental Air Devices[edit | edit source]

The Skyweavers of the Cult of the Howling Hatred used their magic to bind air elementals into various devices. Elementals instinctively resent being pulled from their native planes and bound into service, and can become quite violent when released.

The elemental air devices are quite fascinating, and have many magical effect involving the movement of air. For example, the air balloons used as transport b the cult have bound air elementals inside of them.

Elemental Plane of Air[edit | edit source]

The Plane of Air is one of the four Elemental Planes forming a ring from the Material Plane. The essential nature of air is movement, animation, and inspiration.

The Plane of Air is an open expanse with constant winds of varying strength. Here and there, chunks of earth drift in the openness -- the remnants of failed invasions by denizens of the Plane of Earth. These earth motes serve as homes for the creatures of elemental air, and many motes are covered with lush vegetation. Other creatures live on cloud banks infused with enough magic to become solid structures, strong enough to support towns and castles.

Drifting cloud banks can obscure visibility in any direction of the plane. Storms are frequent, mostly on part with a strong thunderstorm but occasionally more like fierce tornadoes or mighty hurricanes. The air is mild except near the Plane of Water (where it is biting cold) and the Plane of Fire (where it is searing hot). Rain and snow fall only in the part of the plane nearest to the Plane of Water.

Kenku[edit | edit source]

Kenku wear ill-fitting cloaks, robes, and rags. These garments cover the soft, sleek feathers of their bodies, shrouding their bare arms and legs. They tread lightly when they walk, on talons made for grasping he branches of trees and seizing prey from the lofty skies. Soft as the wind they move, so as not to draw attention to their shameful forms.

Once, the Kenku held the wind in their wings, embracing the gusty sky and singing the sweet language of birdsong. Serving a master whose identity is now lost to their memory, the kenku coveted the glittering baubles of his household, and longed to speak so that they could cajole and swindle other out of such treasures. Stealing the secret of speck from a volume in their master's library, they disguised themselves in rags to beg for pretty thing. When their master learned of their greed, he stripped away their wings as punishment, forcing them to beg forever.

All kenku pine for the ability to fly, and thus the punishments they mete out to one another often involve false wings, such as heavy wings of wood borne as a mark of shame. As a final, tragic reminder of the wings they once had, kenku carry out executions by hurling their condemned from tall buildings or cliffs.

Shaundakul, Rider of the Winds[edit | edit source]

Shaundakul is the god of the wind and portals, of travelers and explorations. He is sometimes called the Rider of the Winds.

Shaundakul's church is small, with very followers or temples. Because the clergy members love to wander, the temples constantly have new clerics arrive as others leave. Members of the clergy are expected to live off the land and work as guides and protectors of travelers, caravans, and mining expeditions.

Shaundakul's clerics are skilled map makers and experts of the lore of magical portals.

Spinward Rise[edit | edit source]

As with many of the elemental Evil cults, the Cult of the Howling Hatred tried to pass off their stronghold as something other than what it truly was. They lured many an aesthetic and scholar into their cult at Spinward Rise under the pretense of a place of contemplation and learning. There they could survey the heavens through the lenses of giant magical far-scryers.

Yan-C-Bin, the Prince of Evil Air[edit | edit source]

Yan-C-Bin (yan-SEE-bin) is known as the prince of Evil Air, Shadow of the Four Winds, and the Howling Hatred.

More subtle than the other princes, Yan-C-Bin prefers to remain unseen. He studies his enemies from afar, attacking swiftly with surprise, and is gone before they can retaliate. His natural from is an invisible column of howling, swirling air 30 feet high and 15 feet wide. His alternate form is a gaunt, venerable, dark-skinned human man with wispy white hair and glowing eyes.