Lore:Sea of Moving Ice

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Journal of Captain Morrow[edit | edit source]

20 Uktar- Easy pickings! Ran down a small schooner. There was a wizard-type onboard, but he couldn't cast spells too well after Wretch put a bolt through his throat. We grabbed everything in the cargo hold, set the schooner on fire, and got back onboard the Raven.

Fool wiard was still kicking as we pulled away. Saw him rip that bolt out of his throat and start yelling in our direction, blood spraying out with each word. Couldn't make out the language, but doesn't matter, the way that ship was burning, he's roasted fish food now.

Good haul. Some ofthe cargo was worthless clay jugs full of dirt, but a number of the crates were full of uncut onyx.

23 Uktar-Frost giant sail aft. They're gaining, but we should reash that fog bank before they can overhaul.

24 Uktar- Lost the giants, but we strayed too close to the edgo of hte ice pack and now we're wedged between two floes. Hopefully the wind will back and pop uf free before there is a hard freeze.

1 Nightal- Stuch in the ice for a week now and the temperature is dropping daily. If we don't free the ship soon, we may be stuck here until Mirtul. Not shure if we have enough supplies to winter here.

3 Nightal- I woke last night to the sound of screaming. I wen on death and found my crew at each other's throats. The men who ideid in the melee did not stya down, but got up and attacked their living crewmates. I fled and hid the hold.

I'm writing this as warning to anyone who inds this cursed ship. Run. Run and don't look back.

They're coming for me now.