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A Threat To Us All[edit | edit source]

You find a page from Gyrion's journal:

"I have seen the destructive forces that would seek to destroy Faerûn. No one, not even Elminster himself, can stop them. Only the power of the Far Realm can protect Faerûn.

They may call me a monster, but they will all see. When he comes, he will be devoured by the Far Realm and Faerûn will be saved."

Hesitation[edit | edit source]

You find a note scribbled by one of the Nasher recruits.

"I don't know if Gyrion is right, but he has to be better than Neverember. All this 'protector' does is fund these missions to save distant lands, but what about Neverwinter? The city is still in disrepair, but at least we saved Icewind Dale, Sharandar, Gauntlgrym... who else needs to be saved before us?

Maybe Gyrion in't the true king, but he's better than any other alternatives that have come by. He says he'll make Neverwinter the jewel of the north again, that we'll abll be stronger and happier with him. I hope he's right. I'm tired of seeing all these adventurers reaping all sorts of riches, while the rest of us languish in collapsed buildings."