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Demon Invasion[edit | edit source]

Journal of Laryl Dhalmaryd, Mantol-Derith Guard

“I just received word that my sister, Laelra is dead. She was traveling back to her home in Menzoberranzan when she was assaulted by a band of bloodthirsty beasts. The Underdark is full of them, but these one were different. They weren't from here, I'm told. We now know they were demons from the Abyss.

They wrecked have on Menzoberranzan, and they continue to grown in number as they pour out of the Abyss from unknown sources. Balguras, Goristros, Blabrezus, Balors, and countless other horrible monsters are rampaging, and I fear Mantol-Derith does not have long before it is overrun.

To make matters worse, there are rumors of the Demon Lord themselves loose in these caves as well. Some have sighted Demogorgon, the two-headed Prince of Demons, and those who have seen him have been afflicted with madness. Meanwhile, others are rumored to have seen Orcus, the Prince of Undeath, but thus far these reports are unsubstantiated.

Times are indeed dire, but I am sworn to protect if the demons invade Mantol-Derith. I look forward to taking down as many of the beasts as possible in honor of my sister.

Evacuation[edit | edit source]

“To our loyal customers: As the demons run loose in the neighboring caves, it's only a matter of time before they find Mantol-Derith. As such, the guard have encouraged us to evacuate. We must take precautions if we wish to continue to do business here.

Therefore, effective immediately, we will be packing up shop and leaving to the safety of our homes, far away from here. We will return when word is given that the demon menace is quelled. Thank you for understanding, and we look forward to your business again when these dark times pass.”

Mantol-Derith Black Market[edit | edit source]

Posted notice: “Rules to Follow in Mantol-Derith”

“Now that you have discovered Mantol-Derith, you must understand that it is a closely-guarded secret. First and foremost it serves as a neutral black market where Underdark races of all kinds can meet and trade among themselves and surface-dwellers alike without fear for their lives. You mustn't divulge the location of Mantol-Derith, nor speak its name outside these caves. In addition, there are few simple rules to keep in mind:

1. No stealing of goods from fellow merchants.

2. No disguising of goods by any means.

3. No use of magic during negotiations or haggling.

The punishment for breaking any of these laws is thus: You will be bound in chains and thrown into the Darklake.”

Below this, someone has scribbled the following:

“Blast the rules! We need to quickly sell off our stock and evacuate!”

Zhentarim in Mantol-Derith[edit | edit source]

Thannis Beke's Inventory Report

“The evacuation proves to be good for business. I sold most of my stock of surface goods at exorbitant prices to the drow and other underdark denizens who aren't certain when new goods will arrive. The rest will surely be purchased by the influx of adventurers hoping to indulge in the comforts of home.

Of course, I've had to hide some of my special stock. Though it was acquired thought mostly legitimate means, I don't want to have to explain to some nosy adventurer why I have dwarven equipment and marked mithril bars from Gauntlgrym. It was abandoned and unclaimed. As far as I'm concerned, there is no debate.

Additionally, I've offloaded much of the equipment gained from the Cult of the Eternal Flame on their way out. The elemental weapons and armor I gathered should be put to good use throughout the Zhentarim network.

Until the supply chains recover, I will stay by and look for any new opportunities, and sell through the remainder of my general goods.”