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Lore:Fiery Pit

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Report: Cult of the Eternal Flame[edit | edit source]

An excerpt from the journals of Captain Montrose: ”Cults! Why is it always a cult? Whether it's the Cult of the Dragon trying to raise an evil dragon goddess, or the Cult of the Crushing Wave setting off that devastation orb in what became the Drowned Shore, they always seem bent on destroying the world for some reason. Now we have the Cult of the Eternal Flame wreaking havoc on Gauntlgrym.

From what we've gathered, they are led by prophet named Vanifer, who is protected by a barbarian, and a fiery bodyguard. We have reason to believe that they, too, are building a devastation orb to herald in the arrival of an elemental prince, much like the other elemental cults, but we have not yet discovered its location. Thus far, our interrogations have been met with tight lips. We will have to double our efforts and hope it resides in this, the last portion of unreclaimed city.”

Report: Duergar Attacks[edit | edit source]

From the Delzoun Explorer reports: ”The duergar, living below the ruins of Gauntlgrym, have been growing bolder as of late. Despite our recent reoccupation, they've sent up scouting parties, and our dwarven kin have been meeting them in battle to drive them off. No one wants to wind up a slave to cruel duergar masters.

Some of our men have reported seeing the duergar engaging in combat with the Elemental Flame cultists, while other conflicting reports mention the two groups working together. Either way, be mindful of the duergar threat and keep a vigilant eye, lest you find yourself bound in chains and forced to mine for them.”

Report: Gauntlgrym Renewal[edit | edit source]

Not long after the discovery of the lost city of Gauntlgrym, did the dwarves begin planning for its reconstruction. Determined to do all the work themselves, they toiled away. However, it quickly became apparent that they'd need help if they wished to complete the reconstruction within their lifetimes.

It was during much debate that a solution presented itself: they would hire artisans and craftsmen to work for them, under their direction. A large group of artisans from the surface, who claimed to be experts in dwarven craftsmanship heeded their call and arrived to begin work on restoring the lost city. However, when the Cult of the Eternal Flame arrived, and fighting broke out, the artisans were quick to flee.

Report: Maegera[edit | edit source]

An ancient primordial or immense power slumbers in the Fiery Pit beneath Gauntlgrym. The ancient Delzoun dwarves built mechanisms and structures to tap Maegera's power, and keep it confined. It has been awakened before, causing terrible destruction, felt as far away as Neverwinter.

We believe the Cult of the Eternal Flame has an interest in Maegera's power. It's important to exercise caution when driving the cult out of critical points, like the Great Forge, and the Water Pumps, as these mechanisms are crucial to keeping Maegera in a docile state. Any disruption, especially of the Water Pumps, could result in cataclysm. Thankfully, it is impossible to turn off the pump mechanism without a Delzoun-blooded dwarf to do so.

Report: Reclaiming Gauntlgrym[edit | edit source]

The Lords' Alliance responded quickly to the dwarves' distress messages when the Cult of the Eternal Flame attacked. There is a vested interest in maintaining close ties with Gauntlgrym, as its untold riches remain somewhere deep within, and we value them as a valuable trade partner.

This first strike resulted in a fair amount of casualties on both sides, but nearly half the city has been reclaimed by allied forces, and the cultists have retreated over the bridge to the other half. However, due to the logistics of waging war in the Underdark, Lords' Alliance supplies and forces are running low. Skilled adventurers were quickly welcomed to help flush out the remaining cultists and take back Gauntlgrym for good.

Report: The Dwarves of Delzoun[edit | edit source]

Delzoun was the great kingdom of dwarves in the north thousands of years ago. They were responsible for constructing many of the great historical dwarven citadels and cities, including its capitol, Gauntlgrym. Today, their descendants live scattered, although many have returned to Gauntlgrym to reclaim their dwarven heritage, as part of the Delzoun Explorers. Few dwarves, if any, retain their full Delzoun bloodline.