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Lore:Featured Quest: Shroud of Souls

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Evernight[edit | edit source]

The city of Neverwinter has a dark, twisted reflection in the Shadowfell known as Evernight. A small city in the Shadowfell, Evernight consists of cracked stone edifices and rotted wood homes. Its roads are made mostly of trampled grave dust, and its few cobbled streets are missing enough stones that they appear pockmarked and diseased. The sky is corpse-gray, and the breeze blows both cold and humid, bringing an endless chill to the skin.

The city's living residents include maddened necromancers, corrupt purveyors of human flesh, worshippers of dark and evil deities, and others who are both able to make themselves useful and crazy enough to want to live there. But the living are minority in Evernight, for the bulk of the population are the shambling dead. Zombies, wights, vampires, pale reavers, and other undead make the dark city their hope, all under the watchful eyes of the ruling caste: the flesh-eating ghouls. A Tribunal consisting of ancient ghouls and ghasts rules over the city.

Morlanth of the Shroud[edit | edit source]

Morlanth, a female dragonborn necromancer, was once apprentice to Arklem Greeth, former ruler of the Hosttower of the Arcane in Luskan. Greeth sent Morlanth to acquire a powerful necromantic artifact known as the Shroud of Souls from an ancient Kelemvorite crypt in Neverwinter. Morlanth found the Shroud, but ran afoul of the crypt's defenses and was trapped there. Abandoned by her master and kept alive by the Shroud's magic, Morlanth became a shade and used her necromancy to commune with the spirits of dead.

She was release when the mad wizard Lukan broke the warding runes on the crypt, setting her free. Morlanth vowed to raise and army of the dead led by the spirits of the Neverwinter Nine to overtake the city of Neverwinter and eventually the Hosttower of the Arcane.

The Shard of Night[edit | edit source]

The Shard of Night rises high into the sky over Neverwinter, but it casts no shadow during the day. The spire belongs to the Netherese, and exists primarily in the Plane of Shadows. Entry to the tower is primarily through the Shadowfell city of Evernight, but it is whispered other secret pathways exist.

Wraiths[edit | edit source]

A wraith is malice incarnate, concentrated into an incorporeal form that seeks to quench all life. The creature is suffused with negative energy, and its mere passage through the world leaves nearby plants blackened and withered. Animals flee from its presence. Even small fires can be extinguished by the sucking oblivion of the wraith's horrifying existence.