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Lore:Battle Tactics

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Battle Tactics: Akar Kessell[edit | edit source]

Drizzt told other of Kessell's tactics after the two battled each other a century ago:

-Corrupted Missiles: Kessell throws Black Ice Corrupted Magic Missiles at any enemy in front of him.

- Black Ice Orgs: Kessell pushes three slow moving orbs of Black Ice corruption that damage and daze targets they pass through.

- Black Ice crystal Burst: Kessell summons a shard of Black Ice that bursts into several Black Ice Orbs.

- Summon Black Ice Golem: Kessell summons forth Black Ice Golems. These golems are hastily created and unstable enough to the point that if they explode the Black Ice Energy they unleash can even harm the summoner of the golem.

- Enslaved Beholders: Using the power of Black Ice, Kessell has enslaved Beholders who came to the surface to claim the power of the Black Ice. Kessell's hold on these beholders is no perfect and if they love enough of their Black Ice shackles they may turn on their former master before the Black Ice corruption finally kills them.

Battle Tactics: Demogorgon[edit | edit source]

Grazilaxx is knowledgeable about Demogorgon's abilities, though none know how he acquired such information.

Abyssal Tears

Abyssal Tears will open around Demogorgon. Closing them will cause demons to appear, but each one closed will help weaken Demogorgon's invulnerability.

Sanity Wells

Grazilaxx will project sanity wells onto the battlefield. These wells will cleanse madness and protect adventurers from Hathradiah's Gaze.


Charge: Goristro will charge towards an adventurer and will not stop until it hits something. The Goristro will be damaged by golden runes and healed by pits of darkness.

Stalactites (Epic Mode Only): Goristro will stomp on the ground, causing stalactites to fall from the ceiling.


Psychotic Break: Demogorgon's Tentacle Strick will slowly break an adventurer's min, indicated by an icon over their head. If an adventurer gets hit five times from the Tentacle Strike, it will stun all adventurers facing Demogorgon. The psychotic break will wear off after a period of time if an adventurer is not being attacked by Tentacle Strike.

Madness: Demogorgon's mere presence will drive most mortals to the brink of Madness. The more madness an adventurer has, the less powers the can use. Adventurers can cleanse their Madness by seeking a sanity well.

Hathradiah's Gaze: One of Demogorgon's head will gaze at all adventurers, killing most adventurers outright and driving the survivors mad. Grazilaxx's sanity wells can protect adventurers from this gaze.

Abyssal Rifts: Demogorgon will laugh maniacally and cause rifts into the Abyss to open. A demon will be pulled out into the material plane unless an adventurer stands over the rift to destabilize it.

Paranoid Delusions (Epic Mode Only): Demogorgon will create paranoid delusions of the adventurers. These delusions will try to kill any adventurer that they can find.

Battle Tactics: Ethraniev Marrowslake[edit | edit source]

Marrowslake is even more dangerous in Epic Gray Wolf Den. You will need to work together to have any hope of defeating her.

Shadow Wolves: When Marrowslake's sword hits a target it has a chance to summon shadow wolves. If left unchecked Marrowslake will have a pack of these at her command.

Werewolf Hybrid From: Marrowslake´s Hybrid form is the ultimate werewolf form. She gets more powerful attacks and is impossible to kill while in this for. Luckily, the Forsworn have offered to summon a spiritwolf which can temporarily strip Marrowslake of her powers, making her vulnerable.

Unfortunately, the spirit wolf must die for the spell to work.

Battle Tactics: Garakas[edit | edit source]

The few who have survived an encounter with the Cult of the Dragon's dragonborn champion compiled the following information regarding his power and battle tactics:

- Dancing Flames: Garakas can instantly cast a cone of embers toward foes in front of him, dealing moderate damage.

- Fireball: Garakas can summon a large circular blast of fire that does heavy damage and knocks targets back. The flames persist for several seconds after the fireball strikes.

- Firebreath: Calling upon his dragonborn physiology, Garakas can blast forth a searing cone of fire doing heavy damage to those caught in the stream of flames.

- Rage Drake Companions: Garakas is always accompanied by a pair of specially bred rage drake pets. These drakes are bred for dealing damage at the expense of their natural armor. While they may be somewhat easier to kill, they also strike much harder than other rage drakes.

- Garakas is very devoted to his pets. Should one of them be slain, Garakas will fly into a rage that increases the amount of damage dealt by all his attacks. Should both Drakes be slain, Garakas' rage will burst forth in the form of a fiery aura that burns all who stands near him.

Battle Tactics: High Priestess Syndryth[edit | edit source]

Lolth is keeping a close eye on Syndryth. The Spider Queen is ready to punish her priest if she starts to falter.

Drider: When weakened, Syndryth is turned into a Drider and Lolth sends two Aspects of Lolth to aid Syndryth in crushing her foes.

Aspects of Lolth: The Aspects of Lolth are only partially in this world and cannot be harmed. One Aspect has the power of Insidious Offer. This power comes with great health for a servant of Lolth but acts like a poison to others. The other Aspect will cast Worthy Sacrifice at one of her enemies to deal massive damage. Both of these be blocked by getting between the Aspect and her target.

Battle Tactics: Lostmauth[edit | edit source]

The battle tactics of the fearsome red dragon Lostmauth are the stuff of legend. The creature has devoured countless parties who aimed to plunder his precious hoard and hose that fled his perilous lair tell tales of a ferocious predator:

- Fire Aura: Lostmauth radiates heat, pulsing periodically with a searing blast.

- Fling Embers: The dragon is known to use burning embers as a distraction, flinging a clawful of hot shards at his foes.

- Tail Sweep: Like most dragons, Lostmauth has a powerful tail and uses it to clear enemies away.

- Bite: Heroes brave or foolish enough to approach the dragon's mouth will learn Lostmauth has powerful jaws.

- Wing Blast: With a single beat of his powerful wings, Lostmauth knocks his foes away from him with a blast of wind.

- Fire Breath: Among the dragon's most potent weapons is his fiery breath. Lostmauth can breathe a searing stream of fire directly at his enemies.

- Fire Ball Breath: Lostmauth can also spit balls of fire into conflagration, scattering his foes and igniting anyone who cannot escape.

- Frightful Presence: Lostmauth emits a stunning roar while spitting fire into the air, which rains down on any who would steal from him.

- Immolate Foe: Those who incur Lostmauth's wrath cause him to spit a blazing fireball that explodes on contact with anything in its path.

-Pools of Gold: It is said that Lostmauth's lair is surrounded by pools of molten gold that lap at the dragon in his slumber. In combat, these areas are fatal traps.

-Guardians of Fire: The statues surrounding Lostmauth's lair are rumored to be enchanted, and shoot fireballs into the area.

-Unstable Surroundings: The lair itself has many fault lines. The dragon's roar, and many attacks loosen rock in the roof the cavern, causing them to fall onto any unsuspecting heroes below. Tread carefully.

Battle Tactics: Tiamat[edit | edit source]

If Tiamat escapes the Nine Hells all is lost.

While disrupting the summoning should stop Tiamat's rise, it could also be the catalyst that frees her. Either way, we don't have a lot of time before the summoning starts. If they succeed we have no chance of containing the Dragon Queen. Once you get to the temple, you must defeat the summoners as fast as possible and take their Dragon Soul Gem. With luck this will stop Tiamat from rising from the Nine Hells, but luck is scarce these days. If Tiamat does break free, stay away from her or her very presence will consume you.

Linu and her fellow priests of Sehanine should be able to hold her from fully emerging. Their prayers take a lot of time and concentration and they will be vulnerable so you need to make sure to protect them while they channel. If they can push Tiamat back into the portal, they will be weakened and Tiamat may have a chance to break out. Since her power will be partially contained in the Nine Hells you should be able to approach and fight her. Tiamat will be regaining her strength and may push back out of the portal–if so, the priests of Sehanine will need to cast their prayers again. If we cannot fully banish Tiamat in time, she will break into our world and destroy everything!

Tiamat's Aura: The Dragon Queen exudes evil. Being in her presence is enough to kill any mortal quickly. If she is weakened, a mortal may be able to withstand her aura long enough to get close.

Frightful Presence: With a simple roar Tiamat can shake the resolve of even the most stalwart adventurer, leaving them shaken and stunned.

Flame Breath: Tiamat's red head can breathe a blast of fire that can char flesh in moments. It is said that using a Red Dragon Soul Gem one could erect a shield to protect from the Dragon Queen's flames.

Acid Breath: From the black head Tiamat can spray an acid that sticks to armor and renders it almost useless. Perhaps a Black Dragon Soul Gem could be used to cleanse the vitriol.

Poison Breath: Tiamat can use her green head to cover area in toxic gas. Some say that by invoking the soul of a green dragon one can repel and cleanse the poison effects.

Lightning Breath: The Dragon Queen's blue head controls the power of lightning. While the initial blast is merely static the electricity was a chance to chain to nearby objects resulting in an electrical arc that immediately cook an adventurer's insides. Perhaps one could be safe in the lightning arced to the soul of a blue dragon?

Cold Breath: It is amazing the frost from Tiamat's white head doesn't freeze the Dragon Queen's innards. Any flesh hit by a blast of cold will freeze for an extended amount of time and cause the ground to become slick with ice. The power of a White Dragon Soul Gem is said to be able to melt Tiamat's ice.

Bite: Each of Tiamat's heads is capable of powerful bite attacks.

Battle Tactics: Traven Blackdagger[edit | edit source]

Traven Blackdagger has perfected his fire bomb mixture so it lasts longer. He´s also stocked a huge keg of grog for his crew. It is a good thing grog is not flammable.

Firebomb: Blackdagger´s firebombs burn so long they need to be snuffed out. Using the grog barrel can quench the flames but it will take some time for the barrel to refill.

Drunken Rage: Pirates don´t like it when someone spills their grog. Especially one like Traven Blackdagger ho can´t hold his booze that well. Making Traven drunk will cause him to lower his defenses but he gets stronger and faster while drunk.