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Longbow of the Mighty/Tooltip

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Longbow of the Mighty
Item Level: 803
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

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Artifact Equipment
Rank: 1 (maximum)

A weapon forged by the blacksmiths of the league.

2,898-3,542 Damage

Equip: +7,709 Power
Equip: +803 Critical Strike
Equip: +1,606 Combat Advantage Bonus

Offense Slot: No Enchantment
Weapon Enhancement Slot: No Enchantment
Offense Slot: No Enchantment

Part of set (0/2)
Longbow of the Mighty
Shiv of the Mighty

Limited Event Item, Ranged, Weapon
Requires Class: Ranger
Requires Level: 70
Cannot sell
Refinement Points75