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Lond Dawnwhisper

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Lond Dawnwhisper
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Artisan
Tag: Leatherworker
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Quality: Epic
profession level
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Sell value: Silver4 Copper25
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Professions Artisan Leatherworking Londdawnwhisper.png

Lond Dawnwhisper is a Leatherworker for Leatherworking.


Lond Dawnwhisper
Level 70 (maximum)

Profession: +380 Proficiency
Profession: +380 Focus
Profession: +75% Commision
Profession: 0% Speed

Special Skill: Dab Hand
25% chance to receive doubled materials from most tasks.

Bastard son of a nobleman his father spent time with him when he could get away on a hunt. He owes his skill to working the scraps of those hunts.

Requires Profession Level: 1
Silver4 Copper25