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Lockboxes are containers that drop randomly from foes throughout the game. They are also purchasable from the Wondrous Bazaar for 200Astral Diamonds. Lockboxes can only be opened with Enchanted Keys, which can be purchased from the Zen Market. Lockboxes contain [Tarmalune Trade Bars] and various potential prizes, including mounts, companions, and artifacts. Whenever a player receives a major prize from a lockbox, a message is broadcast across the server announcing the prize.

When a new type of lockbox is introduced, the previous type ceases to drop from foes, and is no longer purchasable from the Wondrous Bazaar. However, lockboxes that players have already collected are not removed, and can still be opened or traded.

Table of Lockboxes[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Introduction Date Patch Major Prizes
[Nightmare Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Nightmarechest.png 2013-04-25 start of Open Beta [Heavy Inferno Nightmare], [Phoera]
[Nightmare Lockbox] (temporary prizes) Icon Lockbox Nightmarechest.png 2013-08-15 Patch NW.3.20130723a.16 [Heavy Mystic Nightmare], [Mystic Phoera]
[Feywild Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Feywild.png 2013-08-22 Patch NW.5.20130812b.8 [Sylvan Stag], [Aranea]
[Dark Forest Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Darkforest.png 2013-10-03 Patch NW.5.20130923a.6 [Owlbear], [Pseudodragon]
[Rusted Iron Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Rustediron.png 2013-12-05 Patch NW.10.20131120a.14 [Apparatus of Kwalish], [Rust Monster]
[Unearthed Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Unearthed.png 2014-02-13 Patch NW.10.20140128a.9 [Emperor Beetle], [Giant Beetle], [Thayan Book of the Dead]
[Frozen Crystal Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Frozencrystal.png 2014-05-13 Patch NW.15.20140415a.17 [Black Ice Warhorse], [Black Ice Ioun Stone], [Sphere of Black Ice]
[Lockbox of the Magnificent Emporium] Icon Lockbox Magnificentemporium.png 2014-06-27 [Tenser's Floating Disk], [Laughing Skull], [Kessell's Spheres of Annihilation]
[Tyrannical Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Tyrannical.png 2014-08-14 Patch NW.25.20140728a.11 [Imperial Rage Drake], [Rage Drake], [Oghma's Token of Free Movement]
[Fell Dragon Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Felldragon.png 2014-10-02 Patch NW.25.20140923a.5 [Skeleton Steed], [Assassin Drake], [Belial's Portal Stone]
[Nine Hells Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Ninehells.png 2014-11-18 Patch NW.35.20141104a.7 [Token of Chromatic Storm], [Heart of the Black Dragon], [Heart of the Blue Dragon], [Heart of the Green Dragon], [Heart of the White Dragon]
[Dragonforged Lockbox] Icon Lockbox DragonForged.png 2015-01-15 Patch NW.35.20150101g.7 [Sigil of the Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn], [Gorgon], [Iron Golem]
[Black Earth Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Blackearth.png 2015-04-07 Patch NW.45.20150317a.5 [Armored Bulette], [Bulette], [Symbol of Earth]
[Eternal Flame Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Eternalflame.png 2015-06-04 Patch NW.45.20150515a.3 [Armored Giant Strider], [Giant Strider], [Symbol of Fire]
[Crushing Wave Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Crushingwave.png 2015-08-12 Patch NW.50.20150722a.10 [Coastal Flail Snail], [Flail Snail], [Symbol of Water]
[Howling Hatred Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Howling Hatred.png 2015-10-01 Patch NW.50.20150902b.13 [Armored Axe Beak], [Axe Beak], [Symbol of Air]
[Glorious Resurgence Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Resurgence.png 2015-11-17 Patch NW.55.20151105a.2 [Developer Blog: The Glorious Resurgence Lockbox]
[New Life Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Newlife.png 2016-01-21 Patch NW.55.20160106a.3 [Now Available: New Life Lockbox is Born!]
[Shaundakul Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Shaundakul.png 2016-03-15 Patch NW.60.20160307a.4 [Developer Blog: The Shaundakul Lockbox Rides In!]
[Firemane Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Firemane.png 2016-06-07 Patch NW.62.20160523a.3 [Developer Blog: The Firemane Lockbox]
[Runic Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Runic.png 2016-08-16 Patch NW.65.SKT [Developer Blog: The Runic Lockbox]
[Giants' Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Giants.png 2016-11-08 Patch NW.70.20161025b.0 [The Giants' Lockbox Stomps In!]
[Many-Starred Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Manystarred.png 2017-02-21 Patch NW.75.20170206a.5 [Developer Blog: Many-Starred Lockbox] [Preview] [Drop Rates]
[Lockbox of the Nine] Icon Lockbox Ofthenine.png 2017-05-02 Patch NW.80.20170417a.3 [Developer Blog: Lockbox of the Nine] [Preview] [Drop Rates]
[Merchant Prince Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Merchantprince.png 2017-07-25 Patch NW.85.20170711b.5 [Developer Blog: Merchant Prince Lockbox] [Preview] [Drop Rates]
[Lockbox of the Lost] Icon Lockbox OftheLost.png 2017-10-24 Patch NW.90.20171009a.3 [Developer Blog: Lockbox of the Lost] [Preview] [Drop Rates]
[Soulmonger's Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Soulmonger.png 2018-02-27 Patch NW.95.20180212a.3 [Developer Blog: Soulmonger's Lockbox] [Preview] [Drop Rates]
[Undying Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Undying.png 2018-06-26 Patch NW.100.20180611a.6 [Preview]
[New Opportunities Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Newopportunities.png 2018-11-06
[Reborn Lockbox] Icon Lockbox Reborn.png 2018-11-06

Lockbox Resurgence[edit | edit source]

A Lockbox Resurgence is a period of time during which retired lockboxes drop alongside the current lockbox.

Start End Reference
2013-11-27 2013-12-05
2014-05-08 2014-05-13
2014-08-07 2014-08-14

Event Boxes[edit | edit source]

The Tymora's Gift, Coins of Waukeen and Challenge of the Gods events feature boxes that drop from random enemies but do not require Enchanted Keys to open. These are Gift of Tymora, Waukeen's Coin Purse and Gift of the Gods respectively. The Waukeen's Coin Purses can be traded for Waukeen's Strongbox and Waukeen's Treasure Chest, which are also categorized as lockboxes, but also do not require keys.

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