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Lightning Enchantment, Rank 8

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Lightning Enchantment, Rank 8
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Weapon Enchantment
Tag: Enchantment
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Quality: Epic
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Item level: 60
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Sell value: Silver1
Refinement point: Refinement Points2,500
Buy cost:
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The Lightning Enchantment, Rank 8 is a weapon enchantment.


Lightning Enchantment, Rank 8
Item Level: 60

When applied to an item:

Weapon Enhancement Slot: Your At-Will, Encounters and Daily powers deal 2% bonus damage as Lightning Damage.
When you strike a foe, you have a 50% chance of arcing a bolt of lightning off of them to nearby foe, dealing Magnitude 20 weapon damage. This can chain up to 3 times.

Your weapon crackles with power and shocks foes.

Rank: 8 (0/15,000 to next rank)
Guaranteed upgrade: 0/150

No Level Requirement
Refinement Points2,500