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Lifeforged Shield
Item Level: 675
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

Inventory Primary Ascended Illusion Controlwizard Tooltip.png

Artifact Equipment
Rank: 60 (maximum)

With a new life-force, this weapon's fierce living magic has been reborn. When you wield this weapon, a powerful magic surges and vibrates through you; a deep and consuming warmth burns to your core.

+540 Combined Rating
+6,480 Power

+675 Critical Strike
+675 Deflection
+1,350 Combat Advantage
Modification: This slot will hold a bonus statistic chosen from a selection of the special statistics given by Epic and Legendary artifacts. Select 'Manage Artifact Powers' from the item menu to select which statistic is slotted.


Defense Slot: Empty
Offense Slot: Empty

Part of set Lifeforged (0/2)
Lifeforged Longsword
Lifeforged Shield
2 of Set:
When you use an encounter power, you become a Fortified, which increases your Defense by 5% and adds 10% of your Defense to your Power for 10 seconds.

You can only be Fortified once every 30 seconds.

Heavy, Off-Hand, Shield
Requires Class: Fighter
Requires Level: 70
Cannot sell
Refinement Points46,467