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Lesser Serene Runestone

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Lesser Serene Runestone
Module: 16
Category: Runestone
Tag: Runestone
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Quality: Rare
Sell value: Cannot sell
Refinement point: Refinement Points2,500
Buy cost:
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The Lesser Serene Runestone is a defense runestone.

Lesser Serene Runestone can sometimes be found in Icon Lockbox Feywild.png[Feywild Lockbox], Icon Lockbox Feywild Uniquepack.png[Shimmering Elven Box], a Icon Lockbox Feywild Runepack.png[Faerie Cache of Runestones], and Icon Lockbox Darkforest Uniquepack.png[Alluring Elven Box].


Lesser Serene Runestone
Item Level: 26

When applied to a companion's equipment:

Defense Slot: When your Companion is struck by an attack your Companion has a 5% chance to gain +1.3% Hit Points.

Runestones grant your companions bonuses and additional statistics.

Rank: 8 (0/15,000 to next rank)
Guaranteed upgrade: 0/7

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell
Refinement Points2,500