Lesser Holy Avenger Enchantment

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Lesser Holy Avenger Enchantment
Category: Weapon Enchantment
Type: Enchantment
Quality: Epic
Sale value: Silver10
Buy value: {{{value2}}}
Refinement Point: Refinement Points1,000
Icon Inventory Weapenchant Holyavenger T7 01.png

The Lesser Holy Avenger Enchantment is a weapon enchantment.

Tooltip[edit source]

Lesser Holy Avenger Enchantment
Item Level: 32

When applied to an item:

Weapon Enhancement Slot: You deal an additional 18% of weapon damage as Radiant damage with your powers. You also have a 5% chance on each swing to improve your allies' damage resistance by 15% while healing them equal to your weapon damage for 10 seconds. This effect can only activate every 60 seconds.

This holy enchantment lets you strike your foes with divine purpose and shield your allies.

Rank: 7 (0/5,000 to next rank)
No Level Requirement
Refinement Points1,000

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