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Lesser Feytouched Enchantment

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Lesser Feytouched Enchantment
Category: Enchantment
Type: Enchantment
Quality: Epic
Sale value:
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Icon Inventory Weapenchant Feytouched T7 01.png

The Lesser Feytouched Enchantment is a weapon enchantment.

Tooltip[edit source]

Lesser Feytouched Enchantment
Item Level: 32

When applied to an item:

Weapon Enhancement Slot: You deal an additional 6% of weapon damage as Psychis damage with your powers. Your encounter powers siphon away 3% of your targets damage. This damage is converted into 3% more damage for you. This effect last 10 seconds and may only happen once every 20 seconds.

The influence of the Fey has warped your weapon, causing it to twist and bend for foes and empower you.

Rank: 7 (0/34,560 to next rank)
No Level Requirement
Cannot sell