Lesser Dragon's Hoard Enchantment

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Lesser Dragon's Hoard Enchantment
Category: Enchantment
Type: Enchantment
Quality: Epic
Sale value:
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Icon Inventory Enchantment Gemfinder T8 01.png

The Lesser Dragon's Hoard Enchantment can be used as a utility enchantment.

Lesser Dragon Hoard Enchantments are given as rewards for completing the Dragon Hoard Enchantments task as part of the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign.

The following refining stones can be found:

Tooltip[edit source]

Lesser Dragon's Hoard Enchantment
When applied to an item:

Utility Slot: You have a 1% chance after killing a foe to find a Refining Stone at your feet. Multiple copies of this Enchantment increase the chance of a find.

This Enchantment was created with a drop of dragon blood. It has a chance to reveal Refining Stones.

Rank: 8 (0/103,680 to next rank)
No Level Requirement
Cannot sell