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Leatherworkers are Leatherworking Assets that can be acquired as necessary components for completion of Leatherworking tasks from Profession Level 14 and above and/or as optional components in Rare tasks that will reduce the completion time for armor segments for the Trickster Rogue.

Leatherworkers of quality above Common can only originate from profession booster packs, but they may be traded or bought/sold on the Tarmalune Auction House.

An [Assistant Leatherworker] can be acquired from a task at Profession Level 14. The task requires 4 [Tanner]s. Leatherworkers of higher tiers may be acquired from profession booster packs purchased in the Zen Market. Leatherworkers are not bound and may be bought and sold on the Tarmalune Auction House or traded.

A task requiring a Leatherworker as an asset will take any tier of Leatherworker in its slot. Higher tiered Leatherworkers serve only reduce the production time for the task. A Leatherworker may also be used in place of a [Skinner] or a [Tanner] for tasks that call for them.

At Profession Level 3, 4 [Leatherworker]s can be upgraded to produce a [Master Leatherworker].
At Profession Level 4, 4 [Master Leatherworker]s can be upgraded to produce a [Grandmaster Leatherworker].
At Profession Level 14, 4 [Tanner]s can be upgraded to produce an [Assistant Leatherworker].
There is no task that will allow an [Assistant Leatherworker] to become a [Leatherworker].