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Known issues with Foundry

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This article provides basic question-answers that are posted frequently on Foundry board.

General[edit | edit source]

  • Mouse can get stuck while dragging objects from menu too fast.
    • Workaround: Click alt+f4 (to prompt a window with exiting, then hit cancel) or ctrl+s (which will save the quest releasing your mouse).
  • People tend to loose quest from questlog when you force them to visit cryptic zone (eg. Blacklake district)
    • Workaround: Tell players to relog after they visit certain zone. There is no other workaround (unless you skip the part of visiting cryptic maps during quest).
  • If you duplicate your map with NPCs with dialogue or interact-able objects on it, the copied map will have all objects with interact-able dialogue options.
  • Currently, when you test your quest, you will hear placed sounds and music. When you publish your quest, some sounds are not active.
  • If the player moves after completing the quest, opening the chest, they will lose the window that allows them to review the quest.
    • Workaround: You can type in this command to make the window appear: /Ugcshowreviewgen
  • NPC or Encounter cannot sit on a chair, nor eat food while sitting.

On Forums[edit | edit source]

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